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eggsontoast07 Sun 29-May-16 19:38:35

Hi everyone. I'm not really sure as to the point of this post but I could do with getting things off my chest to other people who know the dance.

I obtained my PhD in 2012. I travelled around the country doing contracts until I finally landed a lectureship which I've been in for two years. I have sacrificed much for my career and studies and as a result or partially result I am seriously mentally ill. Again I think a lot of you will get what I mean.

Anyway. The thing is that although I am damn blessed to be employed I'm actually not doing my area. I don't want to put myself in anyway but my area is part of the social sciences and I am a lecturer in another part. To cut a long story short I took the job because I was utterly desperate for an income and have stuck it out for two years however I am constantly teaching and reading on topics which are very very depressing. The place I work is difficult to work in anyway but this isn't the problem - I'm finding it difficult to continue in the topic area.

I'm probably not articulating myself very well here but I'm desperate to go back to my subject which I love. I am also worried I am not pigeon holed into this specific area forever more.

Has anyone else found themselves in an area they had no interest in? If so did you ever manage to escape?

Thanks for reading and sorry if I o not make much sense.

FinallyHere Sun 29-May-16 20:17:35

Do you really want to stay in academia? It's not really treating you very well, could you widen your net and perhaps find a role in industrial, in an area of research close to your own?

FoggyBottom Mon 30-May-16 18:47:25

You have to publish your way out. It can be done, but it will take a 5 year plan, determination & clarity about your goals.

And I'd advise that actually, you think about trying to combine what you're currently teaching and your area of research.
* How do they speak to each other?
* What insights can you - trained in one sub-discipline - bring to the other sub-discipline you're currently teaching?
* And what can the knowledge & understanding required by teaching the area you currently teach, bring to your original research area?

You might find an original & fruitful area for publishing in the intersection of the two areas in your career.

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