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Confidence seems to have disapeared

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123lekl Sat 07-May-16 08:46:32

I hope it's ok to post this here. I'm currently trying to write my MA thesis proposal, a study which my supervisor and I both hope will be a basis for a PhD. The problem is I am suddenly feeling out of my depth and although my research idea is good, I'm wondering whether I'm a) motivated and b) bright enough to do it, despite all my other MA work being good with encouraging feedback.
Has anyone else felt like this mid way through their work? It means a lot to me but I'm also working nearly full time (although my study is very much related to my work) and have 3 kids - balancing isn't normally an issue but when my motivation is low then it's more of an issue!

MedSchoolRat Sat 07-May-16 10:54:37

b) never think you aren't bright enough. A PhD isn't all that clever. I've known a few right thickos who got PhDs.

a) motivation is the killer. Plus you sound very stretched already. What will you gain by getting a PhD?

123lekl Sat 07-May-16 10:59:55

If I do a PhD it will form part of my work not be on top of it, if that makes sense, but to be honest I'm not sure whether I'll go down that route as if lose a lot of hands on work. The MA is funded and I have study time incorporated into my working week (although I often need more than this).

Thanks for replying. I am just having a wobble and it's affecting my motivation. I've actually written nearly 1000 words this morning smile and going to stop soon and take the kids out bowling for a break :-)

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