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PhD project proposal

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MyUsernameDoesntHaveNumbers Sat 05-Mar-16 21:03:14

What would you expect to see in one?I am applying for a PhD which is not yet funded, there are a certain amount of studentships throughout the university and all the departments put their projects forward and the 'best' ones are then funded.
I am applying for a PhD which already has a title. My question is how on should I go about this? There is no guidance on format and the research question has already been put forward.
Bit stuck really so all help appreciated!

Foginthehills Sun 06-Mar-16 08:21:27

The hard bit of the research question is done for you. Is there a word limit? I would normally expect 1500-2000 words (Humanities).

You should have a paragraph on your approach to the research question - perhaps subsidiary questions, or follow on questions.

Then your understanding of the research context/s, and research materials you'd use to answer the question/s.

Then your research methods, and your critical and/or theoretical approach to the project.

Show you know what's important, and what can be done in 3 years, and how it fits with the broader field. You could suggest what you think you'll find, although that's not necessary because you've got three years to find it out. But an idea of direction of travel is good.

Also something about what your research experience so far brings to the topic, and why you at this place (Person, place, project).

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