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Help needed for a job application in a university

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WestYorkshireGirl Sun 21-Feb-16 07:53:52

I am thinking of applying for a role in a university that calls for :
Knowledge of current issues and practices associated with post 16 and higher education
Is anyone who works in HE able to advise? The main one I can think of is the change in fees and the fact unis have to work harder to attract students, but there must be more things. Any ideas or sources of info greatly appreciated. Have also posted in the education forums but thought it was worth posting here too.

impostersyndrome Sun 21-Feb-16 21:57:21

Hi there, it's hard to know without knowing the nature of the job, but I would certainly have a read around Times Higher Education and Guardian Higher Education to see what's in the headlines.

Having sat recently on an interview panel for an administrator I would also advise that you a) present your cv - it'll likely be an online application - exactly according to the criteria so that the can see you meet them without too much trouble. Remember they'll be getting dozens of applications and it's easier to weed out if you're not an obvious fit. And b) assuming you don't have prior HE or FE experience, think about how you can show your experience is transferrable to the role and make sure to explain this.

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