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Help finding participants for a friends dissertation - any adults have DCD / Dyspraxia?

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GoodGirlsGuide Wed 17-Feb-16 14:10:25

Hello mumsnet community,

I am hoping you might be able to help! A dear friend of mine is working on her undergrad dissertation as a mature student (I did mine last year, and remember the stress and tight timescales well!). She has been really struggling to find participants for her study on adults with Developmental coordination disorder and is getting very close to her deadline for finding the requisite participants. As a new member of the mumsnet community I offerred to post this thread to help in her search for participants.

Is there anyone here who would be prepared to undertake a 45 minute skype interview answering some questions about their experiences of living with this condition. The research is intended to inform a future diagnostic tool for this condition. All answers would be kept strictly confidential. The study has been approved by the rigorous ethics committee of the university and I could send the full participant information sheet to anyone who thinks they would be willing to help, to read before they commit to take part.

Thank you in advance,

Good girls guide

Foginthehills Wed 17-Feb-16 18:26:28

This is a bit of MN for academics mostly -- you might get a better response in a high traffic area like Chat?

impostersyndrome Thu 18-Feb-16 07:37:36

This is the section you need to post in:, though do make sure you proved the necessary ethics information.

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