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Can you help me prioritise?

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LongHaulSally Wed 14-Oct-15 09:36:23

I'm no expert but I think I would probably start with a conference paper based on the draft journal article if there is an appropriate conference to apply for? With the aim of getting some early feedback and chatting/networking with potential collaborators. Then I would probably approach our faculty research manager who is a great source of info on funding- he is happy to help with drafts and scope of projects from an early stage because if you are thinking of applying for something in 6-12 months, then its definitely not too early to be thinking about that application.
However, I wouldn't contemplate devoting a huge amount of energy to a book proposal at this point but that's probably just because I've had my fingers burnt with proposals before- always seem to follow the same pattern of really positive initial feedback from the editor then radio silence for months and I find it really disheartening!

Impostersyndrome Wed 14-Oct-15 21:01:45

Could you organise a session at a conference, shaped around what interests you? That way you network and shape your ideas in one fell swoop.

I agree also about starting to draft the proposal, even just the background review. It all takes so much time .

Book should be bottom priority just because it takes forever

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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