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Reason my teenage son hates me #326

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ClopySow Sat 17-Jun-17 10:22:59

I didn't agree with him about the reason we dream.

OverOn Sat 17-Jun-17 10:42:54

I said I'd be wearing a bikini on holiday

Saucery Sat 17-Jun-17 10:44:56

I am making him have a haircut right now

TheCrowFromBelow Sat 17-Jun-17 10:45:55

grin grin
I suggested that the sitting room floor was not a suitable place for leaving his crisp packet/socks/banana skin <delete as applicable>
I'm gatecrashing as well - he's only 12 1/2.

DJBaggySmalls Sat 17-Jun-17 10:46:57

I told him to clean his room. That was ok but the roll of bin liners was 'sarcastic'.

ClopySow Sat 17-Jun-17 10:49:28

He double hates me because i've said to him "look, i'm 42, i actually know some stuff" when he looks at me like i'm a fucking idiot for not immediately agreeing with him about anything ever.

ClopySow Sat 17-Jun-17 10:52:34

He triple hates me because i disengage from "debates" where his main argument is "IT IS" repeated over and over until i say "ok dear"

cowgirlsareforever Sat 17-Jun-17 10:54:47

I am 'needy' because I ask him how school was hmm grin

TheFaerieQueene Sat 17-Jun-17 10:57:22

I get the same from my son cowgirls but it's when I ask him how is day at work was

PicaPauAmarelo Sat 17-Jun-17 10:57:55

I won't buy him a new phone as he lost his and the £40 replacement I got him is shit, so now he has to spend his own hard earned Christmas money on one if he wants one. Now he is out of touch with the modern world and it's all my fault because obviously it was me that left the phone on a table outside the ice cream parlour hmm

amicissimma Sat 17-Jun-17 11:00:39

I have a friend who is a Morris dancer. His teenager has ceased to care about any of the other injustices in his family life.

TanteRose Sat 17-Jun-17 11:03:56

I said that we weren't going to move house so it would be easier to get to his sixth form college.

My teen DD once told me I "breathed funny" confusedgrin

They are now 18 and nearly 20 and much more tolerant of me...

Peanutbuttercheese Sat 17-Jun-17 11:17:42

I use the word crockery.

Bring the crockery down from your bedroom please
They are plates!

Well I know they are but it's a catch all term for the fact there will be cups as well.

TanteRose Sat 17-Jun-17 11:29:52

But Peanut did they actually bring said crockery down from their bedroom...?

rockofages Sat 17-Jun-17 11:30:26

I watch Judge Judy whose no-nonsense dealings with miscreants is apparently "ridiculous".

BeesOnTheWing Sat 17-Jun-17 11:34:23

I said something yesterday. Teen then said the same thing in different words in an accusatory manner with a defiant glare at the tail of it.

"So we are agreed then," says I.

Cue look of bewilderment on his spotty fizzog!

It was quite a smug and sweet moment. Rare though.

RickOShay Sat 17-Jun-17 11:37:08

teen dd hates me because i would like to know who Josh is grin

ClopySow Sat 17-Jun-17 11:37:31

Thread derail - LOVE JUDGE JUDY! In fact, i'm going to watch a couple of episodes now and channel her in my next defense of my terrible behaviour.

I reckon he's upstairs now texting his girlfriend about how much he hates me.

ClopySow Sat 17-Jun-17 11:39:40

Sometimes i watch his rage and think "he looks how i feel when i'm premenstrual"

Fucking hormones.

Dod you ever find out who josh is @RickOShay

RickOShay Sat 17-Jun-17 11:46:44

no chancegrin
'god mum he's just a friend alright'

RickOShay Sat 17-Jun-17 11:48:05

who are clandestinely meeting in the meadow at night
course he is dd

RickOShay Sat 17-Jun-17 11:48:22

who you are meeting

susiella Sat 17-Jun-17 11:52:18

That sounds very romantic Rick.
Bucolic bliss!

GettingTooOldForThis Sat 17-Jun-17 11:58:47

Hope it's not my Josh he hangs out at a park and says girls are just mates

RickOShay Sat 17-Jun-17 11:58:53

she is that curious mixture of sophistication, moral outrage and baby innocence
I cannot wait for her to grow upgrin

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