Athena, Artemis, Hera, Joan of Arc etc

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Icenii Fri 14-Jan-22 10:56:12

I'm looking for a necklace and have found some lovely ones with different female icons. I'd have loved the Boudicca one but just dislike the shape of the necklace.

Who would you choose and why? I'm split between Artemis, Athena, and Joan of Arc. Leaning towards the first two as parts of Joan of Arc I'm not sure about.

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Havilland Fri 14-Jan-22 11:13:37

Have you got a link to show us?

Icenii Fri 14-Jan-22 11:19:25

Hope this work.

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FuckeryOmbudsman Fri 14-Jan-22 11:20:45

Warning, that link takes you via a third party

Icenii Fri 14-Jan-22 11:27:54

I think you can Google the name. Was looking for a medallion type necklace and rather liked the these. Bit annoying that the cost of real gold ones are so expensive though.

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Icenii Fri 14-Jan-22 15:39:27

Are solid gold necklaces really that expensive nowadays? I brought some 18k earrings about 5 years ago and they weren't no where near this price. Does vermeil wear well?

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Icenii Fri 14-Jan-22 23:49:06

Wonder whether I'd be best placed to post in style and beauty or feminism?

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CatNameChange101 Sat 15-Jan-22 01:19:42

I would. They’re ludicrously overpriced necklaces. You won’t get votes on what the nicest ones are I suspect.

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