Covid anxiety -how to cope?

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thaegumathteth Wed 12-Jan-22 21:56:58

I've copied and pasted this from the MH board as Although I've had lots of kind responses I'm thinking maybe it would be better to have responses from people who aren't to clued in on mental health if that makes sense? Because actually I want to know what it feels like to live through this without anxiety.

I've had health anxiety for years. It peaks and troughs. Was very bad in March April 2020 but has been manageable.

There's me, dh (works from home 75% of the time) and ds (15) and dd (11). Ds had covid (delta?) in October and has had second vaccine last week. Dd too young for vaccines and me and dh triple vaxxed.

Dh is 44 and I'm 40. He is a bit overweight I am severely overweight - massively . I have lost 3 stone but still have a crazy amount to lose. Kids and I have asthma. I'm also disabled with chronic severe pain.

I am CONVINCED I will die if I catch omicron. Just typing that makes my heart race. I am terrified.

Kids obviously at school and seeing friends etc - I don't want them to know how anxious I am.

Ds has a runny nose today and I'm a wreck (in private) imagining all the worst case scenarios. Dh is exhausted from listening to me being in constant panic and paralysed with fear.

I don't really know why I'm posting, I'm struggling. Usual anxiety meds aren't doing anything. I haven't been in a shop or a cafe for almost 2 years, or had a friend in the house etc. I have let the kids do these things and we've done outdoor stuff in summer.

Right now I'm wondering - am I a terrible person for not getting a PCR for ds who has a runny nose and has coughed twice. My mind is whirring and I think I need a bit of a reality check - I don't think most people are feeling like this are they?? Are they?

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mdh2020 Wed 12-Jan-22 22:11:08

I can only tell you that I have lived in fear of catching Covid and my DS and I have both caught it from my very elderly mother who is asymptomatic. It’s not very pleasant but its like having a mild-ish flu not the real thing.Aches and pains, sore throat, sneezing, temperature. You don’t need to get PCR just do lateral flow tests but remember you can be negative one day and positive the next. If you test positive you report it on the ap. Not doing the test doesn’t make the situation any better. You might as well know.

thaegumathteth Wed 12-Jan-22 22:16:16

Yes sorry I should've said he's done LFT last night and just done one now

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thaegumathteth Wed 12-Jan-22 22:17:30

Because of my anxiety I feel like they need a PCR all the time eg headache or slight cough etc and it's stressful for me but also for my husband who tries to be the voice of reason so I suppose I'm wondering are most people like me or are they like dh would is more laidback and doesn't panic about every thing

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thaegumathteth Wed 12-Jan-22 22:47:01

Anyone else?

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whataballbag Wed 12-Jan-22 22:48:27

If it helps I was convinced I would die if I caught covid.

I'm out of isolation with it tomorrow and I'm fine, apart from my ear feels funny.

I too have very bad health anxiety particularly around covid, and I'm also overweight.

Not sure if that's helpful but you're not on your own x

Nimello Wed 12-Jan-22 22:53:10

OP, I haven't done a single test because I'm not bothered about Covid. My children have had it - they did tests, including the one you send off. I didn't give it any thought. One had it again at Christmas. I gave it no more headspace than if they had a cold, and got on with my life. That's right at the opposite end of the spectrum from you - but it's just to give you a view from the other side. I would find it really hard to cope with someone who was worried about Covid - though I know we all have our different anxieties.


jendifer Wed 12-Jan-22 22:58:22

Assume you have a therapist or counsellor to help with this level of anxiety? Have them work through the negative automatic thoughts and keep going over “just because I think it, doesn’t mean it’s true”.

thaegumathteth Thu 13-Jan-22 00:40:52

@jendifer I don't. I've been referred but there's a wait

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thaegumathteth Thu 13-Jan-22 00:41:38

@whataballbag glad you're doing ok

@Nimello are you high risk ? Or any of your family? Thanks for sharing your view

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Sunnycats Thu 13-Jan-22 07:41:20

I'm similar to @Nimello in that I just dont worry about it. My DD (10) had it in October as did most of her class and she was fine, the rest of us didnt catch it. We have no heath issues though and both DH and I very healthy and fit. So I know that is a factor in our view.

We have followed the rules, but now that lockdowns are over we get on with our lives. Life is too short. We go out and about and I rarely think about it. It sounds like you are really suffering OP, and life shouldn't be this way. I really feel for you it must be horrible feeling like this all the time. Exhausting for you.

Maybe take baby steps, like doing 1 small thing each day to help you get back into life. Like get a takeaway coffee from a shop. Have a friend over for an hour, maybe keep at a distance.

Good Samaritans can help, maybe phone them. Are you able to pay for some private counselling? Or maybe increase your medication? Anxiety is debilitating.

flowers for you OP

Thethingswedidanddidntdo Thu 13-Jan-22 07:47:07

I think you know this is not how most people are responding. flowers for you, it sounds awful. You are not alone in feeling this way - covid has brought out health anxiety in lots of people- but it's not normal and you do need help. Omicron doesn't seem to be causing serious illness in the vaccinated. Your health anxiety is much more of a threat to your health and happiness than covid is.

Well done for losing all the weight by the way!

Summersdreaming Thu 13-Jan-22 07:55:21

Don't worry about how anyone else feels, you know just from being online that most people are living normally. Focus on things you enjoyed before covid, that you haven't done for a long time and how you will get back to enjoying those things. Only you can decide if this is how you want to live forever.

Geom372 Thu 13-Jan-22 07:58:27

I'm CEV and I've found it very reassuring to read that thr vast majority of patients currently in ICU with covid are unvaccinated. I work in the NHS in Shropshire and despite increasing numbers of cases there is only 1 person in ICU with covid in our local town. I feel that if I were to catch it, yes I might be quite poorly but I really don't think I'd die.

thaegumathteth Fri 14-Jan-22 10:08:46

Thanks all.

I know most people aren't responding like this - that's why I started the thread because I want perspectives from people without anxiety because it's very easy to get caught up in the vicious circle of thoughts in my mind.

I've been doing baby steps and will keep trying.

I agree it's reassuring re ICU figures etc it's just that when I'm in an anxiety attack no rational information seems to get through.

I know I'm hard to live with, hence trying to change.

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Barbarbararar Fri 14-Jan-22 12:31:03

I'm exactly the same as you, terrible anxiety and health anxiety. Also very overweight and DC and DH have asthma. I'm hardly leaving the house. I'm convinced DH will bring it home from work and if/when I get, I'm absolutely convinced I will die. Or they will. I just can't rationalise it. No advice, sorry, just wanted to say that you definitely aren't alone and I know how hard this is. flowers

notamilf Fri 14-Jan-22 17:21:43

Are you sure you have 'health anxiety' if you are obese? Or is the constant panic and crippling fear limited to other areas of your health?

Sheabutterisdelish Fri 14-Jan-22 17:30:50

Do you not worry that you will actually become more unwell from just staying in your house than catching COVID? Not moving, getting fresh air meeting friends etc? Guessing you are thrice vaccinated?

Nimello Fri 14-Jan-22 18:14:40

@thaegumathteth I'm not super-high risk, but I'm moderate risk. However, I still think I'm more likely to die by being run over than I am from Covid. So I have gone about my life exactly as normal.

I hope you are able to find ways to navigate your way through this. For what it's worth, I have had my own MH problems, and exercise and fresh air never do any harm, are free, and have no waiting lists.

thaegumathteth Fri 14-Jan-22 22:46:19

Thanks @Nimello yes am definitely trying to get out more and esp for fresh air Etc

@Sheabutterisdelish yep booster had. Yes. I do worry about that tbh but as I've said anxiety kind of paralyses me

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thaegumathteth Fri 14-Jan-22 22:49:03


Are you sure you have 'health anxiety' if you are obese? Or is the constant panic and crippling fear limited to other areas of your health?

Pretty sure this is meant in a sarcastic way 'how can you have health anxiety but also be fat cos that's not healthy'

So, yes I'm 100% sure because weirdly I'm going to trust medical professionals who've diagnosed me as well as my own personal experiences.

Yes I'm obese. Yes I have health anxiety. Obesity isn't just eat less move more it's a very complicated issue and as I've said I've lost 3 stone so far.

I wish the health anxiety was limited in any way at all tbh but it's not, it's horrific and I'm fighting it every day but at least I don't go making snarky comments to people who are already struggling. So there's that.

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Squidwardrules Fri 14-Jan-22 23:03:48

I’m one of the unlucky ones who has a health condition that puts them at high risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and my 7yo tested positive today. He’s poorly and sad and wants cuddles from mummy so we’ve been curled up together on the sofa today.

To be honest I was a bit blasé about the personal risks (although was cautious, vaccinated, face masks etc…) but until today hadn’t really worried about it but today my mind has been miles a minute behind the scenes.

Some people worry in case it comes knocking, some (like me) only when it comes knocking, and some just never seem to worry.

I think you know your level of anxiety is not the norm, but there are also a lot of people who don’t admit or even consciously realise their own level of anxiety.

thaegumathteth Fri 14-Jan-22 23:07:49

@Squidwardrules hope your wee one is feeling better soon and you avoid it!

Yes absolutely I know it's not normal, it's like my brain is trying to be rational but my anxiety is louder. Thanks

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cheeseybeans19 Fri 14-Jan-22 23:37:20

OP I get it. I have awful health anxiety brought on after losing my mum 4 years ago. I’ve been absolutely petrified of getting covid, then last Sunday DS age 9 tested positive, followed by me 2 days later. I am double jabbed and boostered. I will be completely truthful, I feel rough. More rough than I expected to considering my vaccine status. Due to the nature of my mums death, anything to do with breathing is a huge trigger, as is infection. But I am ok, and if you test positive you will be too. The thing is with health anxiety is that we are petrified of ever becoming poorly. But it’s inevitable we will catch things, especially when we have children. I try really hard to just accept it, yes I have covid, yes I feel poorly, but I am ok. I’d be lying if I said I still don’t spend far too much time googling my symptoms to double check that I am ok, but that’s a work in progress. I am probably rambling and not really helping you much but I know exactly how you feel, the fear and how awful that is and I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

thaegumathteth Sat 15-Jan-22 00:15:00

Ugh @cheeseybeans19 that sucks, I'm sorry. I'm glad you're 'ok' though and that you're able to acknowledge that.

My health anxiety also stems from a bad experience as a child. A close family member (also same age as I was) dropped dead and I've never been quite the same since.

I really hope you recover quickly

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