Is this heartburn?

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DragonMovie Wed 08-Dec-21 11:34:21

I get really confused by terms like indigestion, reflex and heartburn so I’m not sure what medications to take to help.

Does anyone else get a sharp pain occasionally in your chest when you breathe in? Mine starts small and gets more and more painful as I breathe in, and then sometimes I get a painful popping sensation when I get to the top of my breath and then the pain subsides.

More recently though (I’m pregnant) the pain comes at night and lasts all night. It’s slightly to the left of the centre of my sternum, behind my left boob.

Any ideas?


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Jacaranda75 Wed 08-Dec-21 11:35:15

No that doesn't sound like heartburn. Could it be a pulled muscle in your chest?

itwasntaparty Wed 08-Dec-21 11:39:38

No - that sounds like precordial catch syndrome.

I used to get it all the time but then it just disappeared

itwasntaparty Wed 08-Dec-21 11:42:56

Sorry the first part sounds like PC, the second heartburn. Have you tried antacids?

DragonMovie Wed 08-Dec-21 13:22:30

I will try antacids.

I’ve just googled the precordial catch syndrome and it does sound like that, although it says it disappears by the 20s and I’m 34.

Having said that, I don’t think I’ve had it for ages until this pregnancy so maybe it will subside after.

Thanks all!

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