Aargh, my new sofas are arriving before Christmas!!

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GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Wed 08-Dec-21 10:07:08

They weren't supposed to, in fact I'd been assured they wouldn't! Alas, Furniture Village called yesterday with "good news"!!! confused

I'd planned a nice, relaxed Christmas Day with lots of party food eaten on the (old) sofas, safe in the knowledge that it didn't matter if things got spilled or we couldn't keep mum's dog off them, because they were going soon anyway.

Now I think I'm going to have to make a roast just so I can make them all sit at the dining table - especially as no one is taking my suggestion that we spend Christmas Day sitting on the floor admiring them seriously...angry

(Yes, I know, first world problems!)

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JingleJingleAllTheWay Wed 08-Dec-21 10:18:58

Put a throw over them?

ShaunaTheSheep Wed 08-Dec-21 10:20:30

Just tell the supplier to keep to the original delivery date.

LadyCatStark Wed 08-Dec-21 10:21:53

When are they due? Could you get ‘Covid’ and they’ll have to put off the delivery for a few weeks?

HoardingSamphireSaurus Wed 08-Dec-21 10:22:56

Tell FV no!

It isn't good news, you want them when you agreed... after Christmas.

Pickles89 Wed 08-Dec-21 10:23:17

Keep the plastic covers on and chuck some throws all over?

BetterthanIthink Wed 08-Dec-21 10:29:35

Either tell them that date doesn’t work for you or throw some old throws over them .


Bellie99 Wed 08-Dec-21 10:32:51

Not FV but I had a call about similar yesterday. The sofa is for a house that has been completely gutted and in process of being put back together. Ordered sofa as had 16 week lead time on and needed for end of Jan. they can now deliver before Christmas. Except carpets not being laid until Jan .....hence ordered for end of Jan.
spoke to them and they've moved date to second week Feb in case carpets take longer! Brilliant service!

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Wed 08-Dec-21 10:32:58

We didn't have an agreed delivery date, we were told "approx 19 weeks, major supply issues, highly unlikely to be before 2022" when we ordered them. It so flummoxed me when they rang yesterday that I didn't think through the consequences until I put the phone down and thought: Bollocks.

I'll have to see if DH is going to think I've gone completely mad if I insist on keeping the plastic covers on till after Christmas.

I thought we were safe getting new ones now the DC are well past toddlerhood. Unfortunately they've both had growth spurts recently and are going through "Bambi-on-ice, can't control their limbs". Just in the last fortnight DD has dropped a glass milk bottle on the kitchen floor, and DS flung my red wine across the living room giving me an over-enthusiastic cuddle!

They're lovely pale green sofas too...😖

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GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Wed 08-Dec-21 10:35:11

Also, DH, in a fit of efficiency, has already booked for the council to come and collect our old ones on the same day, so if I postpone delivery we'll have nothing at all to sit on.

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GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Tue 14-Dec-21 20:01:58

Update! I’ve managed to rearrange the sofa delivery to 28th December. Unfortunately I can’t now get the old ones collected till 4th January so DH is annoyed at me. confused

(I did point out this was still preferable to my spending all Christmas stressing about the new sofas and shouting at anyone who got too close to them with anything liquid, sticky or canine.)

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