Sleeping in recovery position in pregnancy

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Olahaha2021 Wed 08-Dec-21 09:31:00

Hi. I know the best advice for safe sleeping in pregnancy is sleeping on left side but I often find no matter how many pillows I use as props etc it really hurts my hips. Can anyone tell me if the recovery postion is safe? I find this is how I end up most nights but have an anxiety all of a sudden at 20 weeks I may harm baby? Many thanks

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TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Wed 08-Dec-21 09:34:23

I have a big U shaped pillow that stops me rolling by effectively keeping me in the recovery position.

I normally sleep on the front but the pillow helps me almost sleep on the front but not quite. I also sleep with the lower part between my knees/thighs, that really helps with the hip pain.

I'm sure you can sleep OK on your back till the 3rd trimester though, that's 28 weeks.

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