What was absolutely, undisputedly better in The Old Days?

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Pickles89 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:47:26

Back when you were young, or even before that?

I'm going to kick off with Beany Babies. The realistic style 90's ones were so much nicer than the massive eyed/sparkly/rainbow coloured monstrosities of today. angry

Your turn!

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vampirethriller Tue 07-Dec-21 16:48:24

My Little Pony.

Skyll Tue 07-Dec-21 16:48:45


BabyJellyShark Tue 07-Dec-21 16:49:02

Sweets and chocolate.

Shedmistress Tue 07-Dec-21 16:49:05

Chocolate. I hardly eat any these days.

CrimbleCrumble1 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:49:11

Quality streets.

Toofuckingearly Tue 07-Dec-21 16:49:26



Badabingbadabum Tue 07-Dec-21 16:49:58

Chocolate, specifically Dairy Milk.

AlphabetAerobics Tue 07-Dec-21 16:50:16

Sex. Was brilliant 30 years ago. Last few cocks I’ve encountered have made me wish I’d had a cup of Horlicks instead.

(I hate horlicks)

CagneyNYPD1 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:50:18

The Body Shop

EnidFrighten Tue 07-Dec-21 16:50:26

Delayed gratification. There was much more to wait for. Phone calls, meet ups, favourite TV shows etc. Everything is on demand now, which means you lose those delicious moments of anticipation.

SlamLikeAGuitar Tue 07-Dec-21 16:52:14

The size of a snickers bar hmm
I had one the other day and it seemed minute compared to what I remember as a slab of gooey, peanutty goodness as a child.

Nicknacky Tue 07-Dec-21 16:52:45

Wham Bars.

CrimbleCrumble1 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:54:22


CrimbleCrumble1 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:55:42

My body.

madisonbridges Tue 07-Dec-21 16:55:43

Cream eggs were bigger. And they had praline in the Quality Street. And pop was a luxury so we only had coke at Christmas and on holiday - such a treat. And fruit was seasonal so only peaches and strawberries in June. And not very often. Mum used to come home with a brown bag with peaches in. So exciting. We probably had 2 a year. Always so sweet and juicy.

BrilliantBetty Tue 07-Dec-21 16:56:08


Onlyabean Tue 07-Dec-21 16:56:51

Shoe shops - even the smell of them was amazing and the assistants measured your feet.
Trains - definitely better when they had individual compartments.
Yoghurt - somehow it tasted a million times better than it does now.
Twix - I swear that they tasted like millionaire's shortbread when I was a child.

Stuckandinamess Tue 07-Dec-21 16:57:17


TangoTarantella Tue 07-Dec-21 16:58:18

Shandy Bass

CheeseCakeSunflowers Tue 07-Dec-21 16:58:20

Wagon Wheels and Tins of Quality Street, they both use to be huge unlike todays poor offerings.

Sittingonthefence83 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:58:51

The game Guess Who. My one from the 80's was so much better quality than the one my DC have now

Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 07-Dec-21 16:59:53

Puppy in my pocket
Preteen fiction

Ormally Tue 07-Dec-21 17:00:16

Digestives (and Rich Shorties).

Imdreamingofapeacefulxmas Tue 07-Dec-21 17:00:58

Yes to choclate.

What on earth happened to Cadbury, how can you break and ruin something soo good!!
I wish a boycott could have been organised.


Driving around in the south east without the absolute crush on our roads it's absolutely insane now.

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