House marked by burglar?

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Mon 06-Dec-21 18:06:08

Bit anxious.

A third of a box of chocolates was left on my doorstep. Weird.

Google suggests that burglars use this trick to see which houses are empty. I was in all day but upstairs as I was watching Maid upstairs.

We’re currently without a boiler so curtains are closed to keep in heat.

All of us are at work/college tomorrow so the house actually will be empty.

What to do? Worried.

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earsup Mon 06-Dec-21 18:07:51

Agree odd but there are so many urban myths about marking houses to rob...just bin them and ignore it.

Justmuddlingalong Mon 06-Dec-21 18:07:56

Bin them and get on with your day.

SilverHairedCat Mon 06-Dec-21 18:09:23

Load of crap. Google is not your friend. People have access to Google maps, texts, apps, cameras etc to make notes if they are so inclined.

TheLightSideOfTheMoon Mon 06-Dec-21 18:10:17

But if it’s not a burglar who put them there?

And why?

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Justmuddlingalong Mon 06-Dec-21 18:13:58

I've no idea. But jumping to the conclusion it was a would be burglar wouldn't be in my top 10 presumptions.

SliceOfCakeCupOfTea Mon 06-Dec-21 18:22:35

How far back is your front door from the footpath/road?


Animood Mon 06-Dec-21 18:24:03


But if it’s not a burglar who put them there?

And why?

What would you do even if it was a burgler? Call the police and tell them you've had chocolates outside your house?

IncompleteSenten Mon 06-Dec-21 18:26:55

How would that work? If the chocolates don't disappear the house must be empty?
But the people in it may just have not opened the door.

I don't understand at all.

Off to Google this myself now

ChaToilLeam Mon 06-Dec-21 18:32:02

They weren’t Milk Tray, were they?

IncompleteSenten Mon 06-Dec-21 18:32:12

Well Google was no help 🙄
Do you have a link?

AndSoFinally Mon 06-Dec-21 18:32:22

We had a weird bit of spray paint put on our front wall.

DH was at defcon one for about a week waiting for midnight intruders but nothing happened 🤷🏻

PriamFarrl Mon 06-Dec-21 18:33:11

Has to be the milk tray man.

Sprig1 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:33:29

Maybe it was someone who knows that your boiler is broken and thought they would cheer you up. I would eat them!

Hellocatshome Mon 06-Dec-21 18:36:29

Honestly its just one of those weird things you will never find out why it happened but it most probably wasn't burglars. For the most part burglars are not actually very intelligent and more often opportunists.

Georgyporky Mon 06-Dec-21 18:43:52

Strange, what country are you in?
In Spain at one time, chalk marks were made on walls to indicate absent owners, nationality, guard dogs, etc

WonderfulYou Mon 06-Dec-21 19:01:51

I wouldn’t think it was criminal as surely someone else could rob the chocolates and then they still wouldn’t know if it was empty or not.

Do you have a secret admirer?
Is there a card with it?

singleandlooking Mon 06-Dec-21 19:04:48

I’d usually think it was an admirer or gift, but it’s weird only a third of the box were left.

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles Mon 06-Dec-21 19:15:37

I think the theory is if whatever they leave on the doorstep is still there after a couple of days then the house is probably unoccupied.

BleuJay Mon 06-Dec-21 19:17:14

Maybe they were a Christmas gift to the postman from a customer at the beginning of his round but by the time he got to your house he felt sick from scoffing them and just left them there.

Ohbotherpiglet Mon 06-Dec-21 19:23:47

I would assume someone left them for a friend and got the wrong house.

AlternativePerspective Mon 06-Dec-21 19:25:00

A mark was chalked on my wall coincidently the day after some very strange character came round trying to sell me some kind of energy contract, “because we’re aware that there is an energy crisis and many companies are going bankrupt, ah, you knew about this? So many people we’ve spoken to had no idea, hmm well, let’s see, I can sign you up here and now to <insert energy company>.”

I am visually impaired and to all intents and purposes I am considered vulnerable, esp as I spend a lot of time here on my own even at night as my DS works late hours.

I spoke to the police and they did take it seriously although there isn’t really anything they can do.

So I bought a ring doorbell, and I have a dog who will bark if someone comes to the door and I don’t stop him.

He’s a Labrador who would probably beat them to death with his tail, but if they only hear his bark they don’t know that, and no-one in their right mind would break in if they heard him.

ForeverSinging Mon 06-Dec-21 19:25:23

Well it's not as sophisticated as the Wet Bandits operation, you've rumbled it already.

WorraLiberty Mon 06-Dec-21 19:27:29

Literally everything someone finds on their doorstep is a burglar's marker according to Google.

I agree with PPs, just bin them.

Muchtoomuchtodo Mon 06-Dec-21 19:30:10

Was it just the Turkish delights and orange cremes?
Then you know it someone who doesn’t like you!!

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