When your boss asks you how you think it's going?

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HotSauceCommittee Mon 06-Dec-21 17:20:58

I've moved across to a new position in my organisation a few months ago. It's a specialist role with a few gaps in the training and of a nature where we deal with, frankly, upsetting situations and clients who are in need.
My boss says very little and is distant, but had a one to one with me a month ago. He asked me how I thought it was going and I said something along the lines of "ok" with some trepidation.
It turns out a job I had done wasn't really up to standard even though I had done everything that needed to be done. Discussed this, I was very disappointed in myself, talked about learning from the situation and left it all fine.
Afterwards, I confided in my team mates, because it helps, they can advise, tell me when it went wrong for them etc.
They were lovely and I am glad that I did, but they made me realise that the training and bosses management skills are somewhat lacking.
I've reflected a little more as I currently "keeping an eye on" my MH and I feel like I could handle this much better and be more robust if he was more direct, proactive and didn't just ignore e-mail requests.
What on earth do I say at the next one to one when he asks me how things are going?
It's not going well in the new role, I am not happy and it is far from the ideal it is supposed to be.
A childish part wants to tell him I am wary of that question after last time and fire it back at him.
I've had all the enthusiasm and drive drained out of me and I honestly feel like packing it in.

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