Ending rental agreement early

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Rentinghelp Mon 06-Dec-21 16:42:45

Hi everyone - has anyone managed to get out of a fixed term rental agreement even before the break clause period ?

We signed up for a long term rent, but circumstances have changed and we are hoping to move out much sooner than planned. Our break clause isn’t for another 18 months and I’ve never been in this situation before so not sure where we stand ? Can the LL force us to stay another 18 months ?

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AnyFucker Mon 06-Dec-21 16:46:08

You could speak to the landlord. It is possible for you to break the fixed term by both of you signing a deed of surrender.

If you have been a good tenant, are happy to allow viewings and like most places are in an area of high rental demand then you should be able to come to a compromise.

MurielSpriggs Mon 06-Dec-21 16:50:57

Talk to the landlord. But you might (not unreasonably) need to foot the costs of the changeover, ie advertising, tenant vetting and any void period.

DraigFach Mon 06-Dec-21 17:06:34

They can't force you to stay, but legally you are financially responsible for the entirety of the term of the agreed rental period.

Speak to your landlord about conditions to surrender your tenancy, they might be entirely fair and let you break the tenancy providing you cover agreed costs. Doesn't hurt to have the conversation, especially because neither you or the landlord will want to go down the unpaid rent due to change of circumstances and court ordered eviction due to section 8 route.

Shelter are really good at offering specific advice to the part of the UK you reside in, could be worth dropping them a line.

SarahAndQuack Mon 06-Dec-21 17:19:39

I've done it twice - once when I was young and naive, and had an awful LL who kept letting herself in/throwing my things away (!) and she verbally agreed I could leave early then changed her mind. I ended up paying double rent (on the old place and my new one) for two months, which wasn't ideal but could have been worse. The second time I just asked the LL, who said fine and if I could find a new tenant privately I didn't have to pay any extra for re-advertising the house. I put posts on the facebook local page and found a friend of a friend.

It might be worth suggesting you try to find a new tenant?

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