Any dentists? Best dental repair kit / temporary filling advice please

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DoryisinCuba Mon 06-Dec-21 10:01:27

I have been waiting for a dental check up today which has just been cancelled and the earliest they can rebook me is 31st January!

The issue is that I have a large temporary filling in my molar which has already failed twice, so I am now on my 3rd temporary filling in the same place whilst waiting for this now cancelled appointment. The advice is just to phone up at 8am if it fails again in the meantime and they will try and fit me in as an emergency. The longest the temporary filling has lasted so far is six weeks, obviously I am being careful but the last time it broke was on a soft bread sandwich!

The problem is that, omicron allowing, I am due to go abroad for a few days in January. I am thinking of taking a temporary filling / repair kit with me just in case it goes in those few days. I would obviously clean fastidiously before using it and seek the emergency dentist on my return so it would be in a max of 3-4 days.

Does anyone have advice on the best kit to buy? I have googled at Boots and they all seem to have mixed reviews.

Any help very welcome please!

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Fatgalslim Mon 06-Dec-21 11:57:56

I bought Micron superior permanent tooth teeth filling kit from Amazon last year when I broke a tooth and couldn't get a dentist appointment. Bit of a faff to use as you have to mix powder with liquid and do it quickly before it sets, but it's brilliant and still there over a year later.

Don't buy Toothypegs - waste of money

Ostryga Mon 06-Dec-21 12:02:56

Came to say Micron Superior as well. I can’t get into the dentist for anything, and can’t afford private atm. 3 months later my lost filling is still filled with no issues. It’s fab stuff.

DoryisinCuba Mon 06-Dec-21 15:42:36

Brilliant thank you both!!

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