Oh My GOD I’m so embarrassed!! Please tell me you’ve done something similar 😭

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Visitors Sun 28-Nov-21 21:40:47

Went to visit DH’s aunt and uncle earlier, we only see them once or twice a year. Lovely people but a little dry and very slightly eccentric.
We arrived, they opened the door, we were probably slightly too ebullient with the ‘hello’s’ and ‘lovely to see you’s’ and I went ahead to uncle and said

‘Ah and look at you with glittery jumper on!!’

They both looked at me really oddly and as soon as I said it I could see that actually the ‘glitter’ was an awful lot of dandruff on his dark jumper.

How I didn’t vomit with shame, I literally stopped breathing. Nothing was said but I genuinely felt weak as I followed them into the lounge.

I then spent the next hour with burning cheeks and desperately trying not to look at the dandruff on his jumper.

Please tell me you’ve done worse…I feel I’ll just thinking about it now 😥😢

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Visitors Sun 28-Nov-21 21:44:11

Like, why would a man be wearing a glittery jumper anyway?? FML

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givethatbabyaname Sun 28-Nov-21 21:45:19

Oh I’m FOREVER doing that sort of thing! Burning shame grin

Don’t worry, it was an innocent mistake. Don’t feel bad about something that was just happenstance.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 28-Nov-21 21:48:11

I've done worse! Accidentally (!) called a young girl who was showing us around a school, a boy. Then actually tried to correct her when she clarified herself...blush

GertrudeBElion Sun 28-Nov-21 21:48:58

Aye, my foot often meets my mouth.

Late November - being introduced to a new colleague who was sporting a full Kev Webster moustache and saying 'wow Movember hey, bet you can't wait for the 1st December to shave that off haha!'

Yep, he wasn't doing Movember, and I have no idea why I'd felt the need to comment on something on someone else's FACE. I had to work with him and his moustache for another two and a half years.

amusedbush Sun 28-Nov-21 21:51:36

I’ve done the whole ‘wow, don’t you look fancy! Do you have a hot date? wink’ thing and it turns out the person is going to a funeral… twice. To the same colleague a year apart.

User123654123654 Sun 28-Nov-21 21:54:01

😂😂😂 this has really tickled me


Santaischeckinglists Sun 28-Nov-21 21:58:57

This is not a funny one tbh.. Came back from my solicitor ranting about ex and him not having a leg to stand on.
To my mate who was without lower legs. I wanted to crawl into a hole.
Felt like the worst friend ever...
I hope I was a good friend really as sadly her dh was a fake twat.

Notashandyta Sun 28-Nov-21 22:01:18

Oh my days, this thread is funny!

PhilCornwall1 Sun 28-Nov-21 22:03:14


I’ve done the whole ‘wow, don’t you look fancy! Do you have a hot date? wink’ thing and it turns out the person is going to a funeral… twice. To the same colleague a year apart.

I did something similar, except I said to him "what are you up in front of the judge for this time?".

Not my finest moment.

LettertoHermoine Sun 28-Nov-21 22:04:05

This has made my day!!

MsTSwift Sun 28-Nov-21 22:07:13

I had an emergency c section but in my haze of drugs and madness I asked the lovely young Muslim anaesthetist when her own baby was due 🙄😳. She wasn’t pregnant or even fat just wearing a traditional type gown. She was so lovely about it I spent the whole operation feeling terrible and kicking myself!

Gettingthereslowly2020 Sun 28-Nov-21 22:07:48

Can't stop laughing at OPs glittery jumper comment and PP moustache man

Keep them coming everyone, they're cheering me up.

I can't think of any really funny ones that I've done. The only one I can think of is when I was sitting at a table with a friend and I said something like "I don't like that new fad of wearing white trainers with a nice dress" - yep, my friend was wearing tbe white trainers and nice dress combo! We laughed about it though

aeosizghsidfuhgskealsirfu Sun 28-Nov-21 22:12:44

PMSL at moustache man 😂

Invisimamma Sun 28-Nov-21 22:13:58

My colleague was looking at another colleagues wedding photo on her desk and said 'oh how lovely, your dad looks really sweet in that photo'... It wasn't her dad, it was the groom.

TartanDMs Sun 28-Nov-21 22:18:06

To a colleague with a reputation for being a bit of a hellraiser, who said he had been to church that morning: "Fuck off, I bet the sky fell in, I'm surprised you weren't struck down by daring to go in".

Yes, it was a funeral he went to. Foot, meet mouth.

Capferret Sun 28-Nov-21 22:19:13

When I was 13, friend said she wouldn’t be at school next day.
I said she was lucky, why not?
She reminded me that it was her father’s funeral!

jclm Sun 28-Nov-21 22:21:43


Pinksloth Sun 28-Nov-21 22:24:25

I once said they're beautiful flowers to a woman carrying some in a lift, and that it's a shame we have to buy our own flowers, haha. She said it was for Valentines Day as her husband had recently died so she has to buy them for herself now 😳.

The glittery jumper pales into insignificance OP.

FelicityBeedle Sun 28-Nov-21 22:26:28

My first ever placement, first patient. I asked why she had jumped out of the window (hence her two broken legs).
Her answer… “I was having a bad day”
Only then did I notice the long list of antidepressants and anti psychotics on her meds list, I honestly thought maybe there had been a fire

amazeandastonish Sun 28-Nov-21 22:28:19

I've said the "when are you due" thing numerous times when they weren't pregnant

I asked a colleague if she was her aunt (wedding photo she showed me where she was wearing a really aging outfit so didn't know it was her)

I have a reputation for being very honest and saying things I shouldn't

dudsville Sun 28-Nov-21 22:30:02

I had a socially awkward moment with a neighbor a while back. I should have just said hello and walked on. I can't remember why now, but we ended up getting into one of those polite brief chats. I couldn't work out how to end it and said something like "go off and make some progress on that work and then you can rest". He's in the middle of a huge rebuild. I just walked away at that point thinking to myself "just act like that was a normal thing to say".

rosebud5678 Sun 28-Nov-21 22:31:11

There was an art teacher at my daughter's school who only had one arm. Without thinking, my daughter asked him one day if he was right or left handed...

TheChip Sun 28-Nov-21 22:31:21

😂 I bet he won't wear that jumper again!

I was having a conversation with my sister about how time goes faster as you get older and then I said "it must absolutely fly by for you. You must blink and its the next day!" I didnt even realise until she said "keep digging, thechip" I had said something else before that, which first started the hole I was digging but I cant remember what it was.

Craftgirlx Sun 28-Nov-21 22:32:29

Hilarious!!! This made me laugh so much.

I once told a guy in the pub, ‘you’re so drunk, you can’t even see straight!’ unaware that he actually had a very bad squint..

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