Anyone know about ring sizes?

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Reiningitin Sat 27-Nov-21 10:29:55

Hoping someone can help me. Is this a ring size (attached pic.) If so what would next size up be?

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MintyGreenDream Sat 27-Nov-21 10:31:52

Order a ring sizer off amazon or ebay

Darkpheonix Sat 27-Nov-21 10:32:21

'The diamond store' has an app where uoi can measure your ring and it will tell you what size it is. They you can see the next size up.

I used it to measure dps ring this week.

Reiningitin Sat 27-Nov-21 10:35:06

Oh great will try the diamond store app. Did think about ordering a ring sizer but in a bit of rush to order before the Black Friday deal ends!

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thereisonlyoneofme Sat 27-Nov-21 10:44:45

Most sellers on line of rings offer a size guide. I tried one anD my fingers appear to be off the scale !

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