What’s everyone’s weekend plans?

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Myleo Fri 26-Nov-21 22:57:50

I love these type of threads so thought I’d start one to hear everyone’s plans this weekend.

We are having a relaxing day at home tomorrow then out for dinner tomorrow night for a friends birthday meal at a local Chinese restaurant. Then Sunday it’s our towns light switch on so we are taking baby to see the lights as it’s her first Christmassmile

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StandardLampski Sat 27-Nov-21 07:34:30

Cross country cancelled, replaced with sledging!

Didn't see that one coming grin

PeonyRose80 Sat 27-Nov-21 07:39:36

Kids have covid so christmas decs up earlier to add some sparkle and playing board games. Roast and cleaning tmrw.

WinterIcelandicPony Sat 27-Nov-21 07:39:51

Husband is going for some blood tests today. Tomorrow he is taking the Dcs to IKEA while I clean the house. I might take the Dcs out for waffles later.

Thegreencup Sat 27-Nov-21 07:41:14

I was meant to be going to a wedding. Last night my DS threw up everywhere. So that's out of the window now.

There was a bad storm last night. I will now probably be spending the daylight hours today trying to rescue the contents of my shed that's currently on It's side with no roof.

We were going to put the tree up tomorrow. But guess where the tree and decorations are/where angry.

Unescorted Sat 27-Nov-21 07:41:42

Tucking up while we wait for the power to be restored and the snow plough to go by.

bloodywhitecat Sat 27-Nov-21 07:46:02

Going to see DH, not that he'll remember. My daughter is coming over soon so she can watch the fosterlings while I am gone and my son-in-law will be here later once he finishes work. Tomorrow I will be visiting DH again. I want to try and get the babies out for a walk too at some point, weather permitting.


Bearsbearsbears40 Sat 27-Nov-21 07:46:04

I had a jab yesterday and I’ve woken up feeling under the weather so it’s a day in for me. Just some light tidying in the house to do, I’ll venture out to check on the garden after the storm, but then likely it’ll be blanket, cups of tea and catching up with tv, reading and jigsaws. Might get some online Christmas shopping done too. DH will probably head down to the farmers market to stock up on a few things.

EsmeeMerlin Sat 27-Nov-21 07:50:47

I am going to visit my sister today with my two sons. It’s our annual Christmas visit where we will do some Christmas crafts and play some games with the children. Tomorrow we are going to visit the in laws for fil’s birthday visit. Dh is working all weekend.

ElleGettingBetter Sat 27-Nov-21 07:53:00

It’s rainy and so windy here and both my DC have a nasty cold, so they’re snuggled up in bed and I’m up having my first coffee listening to the rain.

I’ll clean up today, then off to the local Christmas market with my friend tomorrow while the DC are with their dad. Tree up on Monday!

PermanentTemporary Sat 27-Nov-21 07:55:04

Wow every one of these is at least a short story if not a novel. Especially yours @bloodywhitecat.

I'd planned a lie in but woke at 6, have gone back to bed with scrambled eggs and youtubing Sondheim songs (RIP). It's my MIL's birthday at her nursing home later, seeing all the in-laws and trying to reconnect ds with them a bit. Then running away to my boyfriend's for the night, we're going to binge watch Get Back and I'm making bara brith for that.

miltonj Sat 27-Nov-21 08:01:03

Going to go walk along the beach, go somewhere nice for lunch snd take daughter to park, then got a few things to pick up in town. Tomorrow will go see the Christmas trees in town and start some Christmas shopping.

PurpleHydrangea1 Sat 27-Nov-21 08:06:55

Hope you're able to salvage your decorations!

Quiet weekend here. DCs are ill and we're now coming down with it so lots of rest this weekend.
I'm still planning on wrapping all the Christmas presents this afternoon as I need it done out of the way.

lucysmam Sat 27-Nov-21 08:12:35

We need to go to town - dd1 needs something, for her costume, for their drama performance, and I need a few bits for my Guides' first trip in over two years.

It's really windy and rainy though so I'm debating leaving it for another day. Not that the forecast for the rest of the week looks much better! I can't try on what dd needs to decide whether it'll fit her either so ideally she does need to come <sigh>

Later on it's homework for the girls, and I wamt to starch & block another house for my crochet Christmas village. I might start the socks dd1 wants too.

I could do with doing a load of washing and swishing the mop about downstairs at some point.

No idea what's for tea yet, but it will likely be accompanied by a glass of wine for me!

eggandchips33 Sat 27-Nov-21 08:14:03

Really not sure now. All ds sports cancelled and we planned to go see the local Christmas light switch on but due to the weather I'm not sure if it'll be going ahead either. Currently laid in bed with the cat listening to the wind and rain. Dh and ds are pottering downstairs. Will get up for a coffee and bacon sandwich soon.

I still fancy getting out and doing something festive. Maybe a garden centre to see their displays and have a bit of cake. Then tonight it'll be strictly and takeaway!

MinnieMountain Sat 27-Nov-21 08:15:46

DS has his best friend’s birthday party and an attempt at a sleepover at hers today.

I’m making Lebkuchen with him tomorrow and we’ll go for a bike ride whilst the mixture is proving.

We were going to put the Christmas decorations up as DH was taking him to Spain for the first week of the holidays but now that’s cancelled, I’m hoping to delay decorations for a week.

Simonjt Sat 27-Nov-21 08:16:31

We’re staying in a little cabin in Conwy, we amazingly didn’t hear the wind last night, we’ve woken up to no electric, but thats not a big surprise.

We came up in our camper, so we’ve got that set up now, so we’ve been boiling water to take to the other cabins, can’t have anyone missing their morning cup of coffee.

We’re off to a friends in a bit, no blocked roads so far, so fingers crossed the journey is okay.

andpeggy1 Sat 27-Nov-21 08:18:46

Christmas decs going up, Turkish takeaway for later

Covetthee Sat 27-Nov-21 08:18:57

oldest daughter has ballet this morning, then we’re putting up our xmas tree and decorations up afterwards.

Cosy afternoon inside with the kids as the weather is horrible, and then when kids are in bed, takeaway and film with the husband.

Theoldwoman Sat 27-Nov-21 08:21:51

Currently 4:20pm, Saturday afternoon and it's 37 deg C outside, so I'm inside with the shutters down and air con blasting.

Been tidying up a bit, and the rest watching Christmas movies.

icedcoffees Sat 27-Nov-21 08:42:07

Clearing up all the debris and damage from last nights' storm.

Hoping our missing cat finds her way home sooner rather than later.

I also have work but not until 6pm smile

TheScenicWay Sat 27-Nov-21 08:45:28

Mine would be the dullest short story.
Woman does chores and takes daughter swimming, does some work, some more chores, cooks a curry, watches a film.

TeenMinusTests Sat 27-Nov-21 08:46:20

Teen DD's second covid jab.
Turning on of Christmas lights.

dementedma Sat 27-Nov-21 08:48:17

Haircut, vaccine then some Christmas crafts this afternoon making cookies and attempting a Christmas wreath. DCs love it...and as they are 30 and 19 there will be fizz and no doubt some very rude shaped cookies from DS.

SorryPardonWhat Sat 27-Nov-21 08:48:56

Just had my Covid booster so currently sitting in my local shopping Center doing the 15 minute wait. School winter fair later, though it is mostly outside so will be a stormy little gathering I imagine!

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