Reiki related gift?

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helplesshopeless Thu 25-Nov-21 20:46:46

Hello all

A friend of mine is having a really tough time with her DH in hospital very ill with covid, she is isolating at home with 2 children under 2, very little sleep, and has covid herself.

She's had lots of door drop packages of food, treats, toys for the children etc but I want to think of something lovely for her that will help keep her calm and relaxed (as understandably she's very stressed at the moment!)

She's into reiki, positive energy, organic, homeopathy type of stuff. Does anyone practice reiki and know what an ideal gift would be? Some sort of healing crystals perhaps but I have no clue what is decent?!

Hope someone can help, she really needs a pick me up!!

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SelfHelpPlease Thu 25-Nov-21 21:12:05

You're a lovely friend.
What about a Neom pod?

Stopsnowing Thu 25-Nov-21 21:14:15

I would gift her a reiki session. They can be delivered remotely!

MusingOnStarlight Thu 25-Nov-21 21:18:31

A crystal bracelet from Etsy with reiki done on it.

I bought an abundance bracelet, paid for the reiki, won some money the following day

helplesshopeless Thu 25-Nov-21 21:35:53

Oooh all great suggestions - thank you!!

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helplesshopeless Thu 25-Nov-21 21:47:04

@Stopsnowing do you know anyone in particular who would be good? I have no idea where to start!

I'm tempted to get all 3 of these suggestions for her 😂

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Stopsnowing Thu 25-Nov-21 23:13:01

I trained with this school but I don’t know if they offer remote sessions


helplesshopeless Fri 26-Nov-21 09:42:25

Thank you!

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