Blake Shelton is...

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SortCode Thu 25-Nov-21 20:42:20

...a bit of a hottie 😂

I dont really know him that well but been watching The Voice US
...just that 🤷‍♀️

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SortCode Fri 26-Nov-21 00:27:43

Ooo just me blush

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WeAreTheHeroes Fri 26-Nov-21 00:29:34

He's married to Gwen Stefani.

SortCode Fri 26-Nov-21 00:30:08


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SortCode Fri 26-Nov-21 00:30:28

Never put those 2 together!!!

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SortCode Fri 26-Nov-21 00:33:07

Married 3 times!!!

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xxxGirlCrushxxx Fri 26-Nov-21 00:58:43

I've not got over him and Miranda splitting up!

He seems awkward when he performs though, not a natural on stage


swimdrum Fri 26-Nov-21 08:11:39

He is incredibly tall and used to have hair like Michael Bolton.

Burnamer Fri 26-Nov-21 08:13:31

Have you seen Miranda’s new partner / husband though. She traded up!

Blueuggboots Fri 26-Nov-21 08:16:40

Oh yes, he's lovely....

BorderlineHappy Fri 26-Nov-21 08:17:57

Oh he is.
I love his voice and himm and Gwen are great together

SlatternIsMyMiddleName Fri 26-Nov-21 08:19:12

It was alluded to on gossip sites that Blake and Gwen were a couple for showmance purposes only. If so, it’s been going on for a long time!

BorderlineHappy Fri 26-Nov-21 15:02:07

@SlatternIsMyMiddleName if it's true,they both deserve Oscars

StrychnineInTheSandwiches Fri 26-Nov-21 15:03:27

The only reason I know who this is is because People Magazine declared him the Sexiest Man in the World a few years ago and I was dumbstruck that such a plain man could wangle that title.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 26-Nov-21 15:09:54

It's the voice. Imagine him with a whiney British accent and he's just bog standard.

BleuJay Fri 26-Nov-21 15:10:33

...... not remotely attractive.

JadeSeahorse Fri 26-Nov-21 15:17:13

He gives me the creeps for some reason. 😒

SalonSharon Fri 26-Nov-21 15:26:04

He reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson. His dress sense is horrendous.

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