Which job? A dilemma

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MintyGreenDream Thu 25-Nov-21 18:05:51

Job 1 (current job)

Work as a lunchtime supervisor in a school,very happy there as I get on well with everyone and the kids are great

Job 2(applied for)
Administration assistant in a school PT.Lots more responsibility,no outside work,more money.

I've applied on a whim as its £300 per month more but if I'm successful (I've been shortlisted)it'll mean I'll leave a job I love and people who I class as friends.
What would you do?

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Viviennemary Thu 25-Nov-21 18:12:18

It would depend on how much I needed/wanted £300 a month more. Also outside work is no fun now the weather is getting colder. But as you like the job and the people where you are now unless I needed the extra money I would stay where I was for the time being.

catfunk Thu 25-Nov-21 18:17:19

2. It will open many more options for you which you may want or need one day.

catfunk Thu 25-Nov-21 18:17:29

Also good luck!

MintyGreenDream Thu 25-Nov-21 18:21:45

There's so many pros for both jobs.its so hard!

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mrsbitaly Thu 25-Nov-21 18:28:54

I would really think this through the money and extra responsibility is always good especially if you want to broaden your career path too but if you enjoy your job and have great people around you it makes your working life so much more enjoyable. You don't want to be in a position where your on a good wage but feel isolated.

Sprig1 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:31:43

I would go for the new job. It sounds more interesting and I am sure that the money would come in handy.


MrsFin Thu 25-Nov-21 18:34:27

Make new friends but keep the old
The new are silver but the old are gold.

My DGM told me that when I was in my 20s. Don't let the fear of losing friends hold you back. If they are good friends they will stay your friends, and you'll make new friends.

MintyGreenDream Thu 25-Nov-21 18:36:50

It's the only job I've ever had where I genuinely like everyone and feel liked.

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ArianaG Thu 25-Nov-21 22:20:19

It depends how much you need the extra money and how much this would impact on your life.

If you don't need it and have a comfortable life currently then I would stay with job no 1 as it is worth a lot to have a job that you enjoy and happiness is priority.

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