Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 19: Calmly through the day

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MissConductUS Sat 30-Oct-21 23:53:39

I've started a new one. Please join us and share the boring and mundane things happening in your world. It will be calming for all.

Here is the link to the prior thread:

Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 18: Calmly through the day

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Tue 14-Dec-21 16:29:11

Just home with only a little bit of overtime .... see you smile

HelenaJustina Tue 14-Dec-21 14:08:39

@Silkieschickens that is great news, finally something positive. Hope the pre-op has gone/is going well.

I’m sitting at my computer managing some extremely lengthy imports into our MIS. I can’t do anything else on my computer while it does this work.

Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 13:26:52

Thanks all. Enjoy having your DD back MissC.

MissConductUS Tue 14-Dec-21 10:21:36

I'm leaving a bit later to pick up DD at uni, so I wanted to make sure this thread didn't fill up before I left.

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MissConductUS Tue 14-Dec-21 09:48:56

We have a new thread!

As usual, let's complete this one before we start using the new one.

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Nydj Tue 14-Dec-21 07:08:14

Oh this is fun - my phone is changing the smiley as I post the message. I guess it pay off for finally being able to do strike outs. Anyway, I meant smiles not grimaces in previous two posts.


Nydj Tue 14-Dec-21 07:06:36

Oops - wrong smiley. It should be 😁

Nydj Tue 14-Dec-21 07:05:45

All the best for pre-op today today, @Silkieschickens and I’m really pleased that the surgery is booked this side of Christmas now.
@Lemonsandlemonade, I like combination of sweet, sour, salty and a bit hot that Thai food in the uk provides but I suspect authentic Thai food would be too hot for me. You could try starting off with pad thai which doesn’t have any coconut in it as far as I know.
@Prokupatuscrakedatus, I’m impressed, both by the speed of your cookie making and the speed at which your colleagues are eating them! Actually, that’s not true - I think I could match your colleagues in eating the cookies 😁.
I woke up too early today and can’t go back to sleep so will go and make feeble attempts to placate the green frog owl now

Lemonsandlemonade Tue 14-Dec-21 06:48:27

@Silkieschickens am pleased for you re surgery. Maybe I need to give Thai food another go.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Tue 14-Dec-21 06:44:19

I checked on the chair - it is on the site but not available online and not available in Berlin and surroundings
So it is not me I still have my Pöang.

Dry again here and dark.

Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 01:45:13

I am also confused as to why DH is searching European IKEA sites for the chair but he tells me the Germans have them all. None in France, Belgium or UK but Germany has hundreds of them but clearly isn't willing to share. fgrin

Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 01:40:18

He is on holiday back early January, he is foreign so no idea whether he is going back to see family abroad or just at home with his family. Though my friend who is a hospital consultant married to another one said they are never allowed to take more than 2 days leave at Christmas as its peak demand time (Its unprecedented demand time this year I think with covid and winter demand, 100% of beds have been full for a while and reduced staffing levels due to covid / covid isolations) so its possible its something else but they said he is on holiday. Its not at my hospital either, its at another nearby one, though I think a linked smaller one. They said its a better place to have an operation as at the main hospital you have to turn up at 7am whereas this one do slots so I turn up at 11am though does say bring a book.

Its lucky I ordered everything I thought I might need in advance apart from never got hold of the IKEA chair. DH says its available in Germany. He also bought the cover for it off ebay, which was a nice thought but it comes with a cover so I am not sure how he thought a cover would help. But its sweet of him to try.

MissConductUS Tue 14-Dec-21 01:25:36

That's fabulous news, Silkie. What happened to the surgeon who was going on holiday for two weeks?

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Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 00:54:02

Prok, in France its the tooth mouse that visits, she used to come half the time to us and leave euros, then the tooth fairy would come the other half and leave pounds.

Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 00:48:51

Lemons Thai food is my favourite, I do not like coconut either much, its a mix between Chinese and Indian roughly so dishes like sweet and sour prawns etc with rice like the Chinese dish but with lots more veg, thats what I had and currys and noodle based dishes.

Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 00:39:41

I updated DD and like me she was very happy I now have a female surgeon, I was happy as I feel less awkward with one and the female surgeon is so lovely. DD was happy as she said even though female surgeons get paid 20% less they are 25% better in results. And she was shockfgrin when I told her who had been messaging me and she was acting like a proud parent.

Silkieschickens Tue 14-Dec-21 00:33:38

I must have forgotten to update my latest news last nighy, pre op today, sentinal node prep Thursday, surgery Friday at a nearby hospital with a female surgeon. Very happy.

Nydj Mon 13-Dec-21 21:47:45

Oh goodness, that sounds like hard work especially when you are still supposed to be on maternity leave @Lemonsandlemonade.

I am a vegetarian so as long as it is vegetarian, I like all types of food. I guess sushi wouldn’t really be my first choice, but I’d happily eat it if it was the only option. I love Thai food but need to be careful to make sure there is no fish sauce in it when we get it at restaurants etc.

Lemonsandlemonade Mon 13-Dec-21 21:39:53

Sorry for above rant.

Just wondering what all your favourite foods are?
I love Italian food and love Greek food but don’t have it that often. I love mussels and chips when I go to France.

Lemonsandlemonade Mon 13-Dec-21 21:36:59

@Nydj I am having KIT days but I have been left back in charge more than I should really. Today I was in charge so the person in charge ( who is covering my job) could do Christmas shopping. 🙄. We are not supposed to take term time days off. Unless emergency or appointment you can’t change.

Have had one staff member undermining me or totally doing the opposite of what I say so I will have to have her in office when am next in to remind her what I expect. 🙄 I hate being the bad guy.

I’m not sure I like Thai food @Silkieschickens but then have never really had it much. Am not keen on coconut flavours.

@Champagneforeveryone Hope tooth settles down.

Nydj Mon 13-Dec-21 21:25:45

A little bit of progress so that’s good @Silkieschickens. I can’t believe what you’ve had to do to get this - I thought we all put up with the day to day problems with the nhs because when it comes to the important stuff, they get it right. It seems that the nhs has been run down so that it can’t cope for the really serious stuff anymore - absolutely shocking.
@Lemonsandlemonade, are you back to work properly now? I thought you were having KIT days?

Prokupatuscrakedatus Mon 13-Dec-21 20:38:00

A large part of my christmas cookies have beene eaten by my co-workers.
They (the bin men not my co workers) have emptied the paper recycling and I can express my desire to put my milk tooth under my pillow in basic French. (Is that even a thing in France?). So Duo is happy.

It is raining very very softly (et fisselt).

Silkieschickens Mon 13-Dec-21 20:09:29

Sorry you had a bad day at work Lemons

We are having a Thai meal and DD has just walked past and said my life is amazing I have this food and scuttled off into her room.

Champagneforeveryone Mon 13-Dec-21 19:56:58

I've been to the dentist and and am now £250 lighter. My tooth feels funny and there's still some pain which is slightly vexing.

Lemonsandlemonade Mon 13-Dec-21 18:16:58

That’s good re pre op @Silkieschickens

Had awful day in work goodness knows how but January work is going to change.

On the upside the smile from DS is wonderful when I walk through door.

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