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MissConductUS Sat 30-Oct-21 23:53:39

I've started a new one. Please join us and share the boring and mundane things happening in your world. It will be calming for all.

Here is the link to the prior thread:

Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 18: Calmly through the day

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Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 31-Oct-21 09:38:11

Silkie We decided to do it as a married couple / family unit. There are circumstances where separate is better (the people at the Finanzamt are obliged to tell you which is best for you), but we have to declare our indivudual incomes on seperate onlin forms and that of dependant DC.
I hope that planning agrees to your plans too!

To add to your German vocab.:
listed building - denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude

Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 10:03:57

Thanks for the new word Prok

We will have roast pork today as we have half a pork joint left from last week in the freezer.

Just having some toast and strawberry jam now. Its raining a lot here.

EllieSattler Sun 31-Oct-21 10:08:16

I have just spent several minutes saying denkmalgeschütztes Gebäude out loud.

I am fed up with Doing Things so am having a bath while the DC watch TV. DD has rediscovered her fondness for Peppa bloody Pig, she is 7 and her brother is 4.7 so I had rather hoped we were past that stage.

I put up Halloween decorations this morning. The house looks fun.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 31-Oct-21 10:21:03

Ellie I am so very very glad that my DC are young adults. I have been spared all contact with Peppa Wutz (now available on netflix).

We will have French fries and schnitzel with salad today.

It is a lovely cool but sunny day and I am stuck here, again, supervising DS working on his 5PK.

Nydj Sun 31-Oct-21 10:43:02

I have returned to bed but may venture out again to do a little prep for dinner.

Thank you silkies someone is due to come tomorrow to get the car going again tomorrow 🤞. I don’t want to miss my pottery class on Tuesday. You really are having an awful time with your Covid symptoms - I really hope you get better soon.

The weather forecast says dry in the afternoon so I may go for a walk then.

Sunbird24 Sun 31-Oct-21 11:36:07

Morning all! (My watch still says it’s afternoon, must do something about that…)


HelenaJustina Sun 31-Oct-21 11:44:26

I’ve asked DH to deliver my cross stitch supplies to my isolation room.

picketingpanic Sun 31-Oct-21 11:45:42

3yo asked for a chocolate cake. I went out in the rain to buy a supermarket chocolate cake.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 31-Oct-21 11:55:21

Last night I decided to take all sweets, chocolates and buscits and lock them in my new Kallax lockable insert and hand over the keys to DH.
I am determined to get back to 66 kg. I am snacking on carrots but it is not quite the same grin

DoctorTwo Sun 31-Oct-21 12:32:35

Thanks for the shiny new thread Miss, despite the clocks going back I managed to stay in bed till 0630, which is when I usually get up, so I was quite pleased with myself. Now roasting chicken breasts and potatoes for dinner.
I'm going to sit down and watch the FA Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Man City. Or should it be Woman City as it's the women's FA Cup?

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 31-Oct-21 12:49:38

Doctor In cup news and as I very much enjoy saying this: Munich lost last week!

MissConductUS Sun 31-Oct-21 12:54:50

My goodness, the new thread has taken off! I slept later than usual so I am going to skip early church service to do some errands, but had to check in here first of course.

Happy Halloween to everyone. And welcome, @PeterPomegranate, @OldTinHat and @Limegreentangerine, @EllieSattler and @picketingpanic, and thanks for sharing your mundane news. A new thread always brings out the lurkers. smile

@Lemonsandlemonade, how does the incision look? Any bulging, redness or signs of infection? Abdominal cramping postpartum can also be caused by the uterus shrinking back to its normal size. If it is a hernia you should see something. Stand in front of a mirror and turn slowly so that you can see your abdomen in profile. How many weeks has it been since you gave birth? Do ring the doctor on Monday. I can't believe you're 90 minutes away from the closest hospital A&E.

How are my two covid patients feeling today, @HelenaJustina and @Silkieschickens?

I'm off to do my early errands and will check back later.

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Champagneforeveryone Sun 31-Oct-21 13:32:48

Hello again all, startled to see the last thread had dropped off of my active list as I've been so busy shock

I think I may be the first person ever to say this, but I have too many boxes for tomorrows house move. In a panic about not having enough I have been forced to purchase them off of Amazon. I have at least 20 left so may resort to bunging two or three items in each so I get my moneys worth grin

ChampagneCat has gone to Cat Prison overnight because she's an utter menace and would probably end up being packed in a box or taken to the tip. DH said she seemed unconcerned about being left, which is a relief to him as she is his favourite child and he fretted about being the one to drop her off.

We're off to the pub for lunch in a mo as we have little left in the house. I've also paid for an oven clean so have flatly refused to use it for actual cooking purposes ever since!

Hope the patients of the thread are feeling better. It's been my absolute nightmare we would get sick before the move, fingers crossed we've dodged that bullet.

MissConductUS Sun 31-Oct-21 15:04:19

Champagne, good luck with your move! Cat Prison was a wise move. Cats will naturally find their way into boxes.

I've done my errands. DH went out to get charcoal for the grill and came back with 80 pounds of it. The warehouse store has stopped selling it for the season, but Home Depot stocks it year-round.

We have local elections here on Tuesday but there is a polling place not too far away where I can vote early, so I may do so this afternoon.

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Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 18:15:19

I love snitzelProk wish we could get it here.

Glad someone is sorting your car Nydj

Hope the house move goes well Champagne

Welcome back Sunbird How are you?

I'm OK MissC I am sticking with a bland diet and seem OK on that.

DH got DD back from her two night sleepover plus Halloween parties and had coffee with the brave parents who let her stay there. He also collected the school skirts and hairdryer I ordered for DD which she needs tomorrow as its back to school.

DH is currently making the swivel chair I bought DS from IKEA which is causing much excitement for rabbit, a sense of fear in DS that he is expected to do the dreaded homework and annoyance in Silkiecat that DH is with rabbit. Silkiecat is already cross with dh for going out.

DoctorTwo Sun 31-Oct-21 18:16:22

Good luck with the house move Champagne, I know many find it hell.

Prok isn't it weird we tend to not like teams from other regions? Woman City were rightly beaten by Chelsea who dominated from the start.

To the infected amongst us, I hope you are back to whatever counts as your normal very soon, this Covid thing seems to be getting harder to avoid. Wear masks and keep your distance, or be antisocial like me. grin

Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 18:19:29

Thanks DrTwo I am excellent at being anti social so managed to avoid it until now, trouble I have is DD is very sociable and decided to drink share with 4 others and 4/5 ended up with covid, all because noone could be bothered to go to McDonalds counter to buy more drinks. hmm

HelenaJustina Sun 31-Oct-21 18:35:28

I’ve been mask wearing since before it was fashionable and am also too busy to be social (Im double vaxxed and caught it from a double vaxxed colleague at work)
I’m doing okay thanks Miss feel pretty much fine today, though I’m still showing as positive on lateral flows. DC2 has coped well with another day in isolation and is still testing negative on lateral flows. We are taking each day as it comes and will let her out if it all gets too much for her. Today was the date of the first thing of 3 which she is v upset to be missing and we seem to have skated over it pretty lightly.

In dull news I am cross-stitching Christmas cards and listening to Classic FM (I’m under 40, but realise this doesn’t make it sound like I am!)

Prok genius. I’m down to 65kg due to lack of appetite and lack of interest in food as it all tastes the same!

Lemonsandlemonade Sun 31-Oct-21 18:52:10

@MissConductUS thanks for the advice I will look in mirror when DS in bed. The incision looks lovely it healed well it’s mainly on the left side at the front. It’s been 5 months but it’s only recently it has been quite numb there.

Yes 90 mins in any direction. The air ambulance is well used round these parts.

Hope you feel better soon @HelenaJustina I enjoy cross stitch too and am also under 40! Less so classic fm.

Am quite frightened about having Covid to be honest. I am double Vax and DH has had booster.

Lemonsandlemonade Sun 31-Oct-21 18:54:14

*only recently it’s stopped being numb there.

MissConductUS Sun 31-Oct-21 18:59:27

@Lemonsandlemonade, I've done some research. If you do have a hernia it may not be that easy to see. You should have physical exam.

DH and I went and voted. This is the first time we've had early voting and the process is much more automated than it used to be. The polling place is next door to our favorite bakery, so we stopped and bought cupcakes to have after dinner.

Helena, what type of music does Classic FM play? I'm glad you and Silkie are feeling better.

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HelenaJustina Sun 31-Oct-21 19:05:23

Miss just classical music! It’s very soothing, sometimes a bit predictable, but that’s okay. I much prefer it during the festive season as it does a lovely mix of hymns, carols, other classical festive music. In normal life I switch between Classic FM and BBC Radio 4. But was finding Radio 4 required too much concentration during SI.

@Lemonsandlemonade please don’t be frightened. I’m double vaxxed, DH has had 3 jabs, our two 12-15 yr olds are single vaxxed. I had one day of feeling really rough (like ‘proper flu’) and now can’t taste or smell but am more than able to function normally or I would be if I wasn’t SI in my bedroom!

mathanxiety Sun 31-Oct-21 19:41:30

The weather is brisk but dry for Hallowe'en here. I went for a walk and passed some little bands of very young trick or treaters out with their parents.

I need to tackle the kitchen but here I am instead, wondering yet again what we'll have for dinner. I hoped I wouldn't have to cook again until Wednesday, but yesterday's curry was such a success that everyone had way more than I had planned for.

MissConductUS Sun 31-Oct-21 20:52:57

@Lemonsandlemonade, our posts crossed. It doesn't sound like anything is infected. And if you've had both vaccine doses you should be at low risk of a serious infection from covid. How long have you had the cramps?

Helena, I love classical music! I am mostly partial to neoclassical music, particularly the works of 20th century American composers like Aaron Copland, Samual Barber and George Gershwin. All were New Yorkers smile. Copland wrote this magical piece about NYC:

Quiet City

Most classical FM stations in my area went off the air at some point in the last 20 years or so, but now with internet steaming, Spotify and satellite radio in the car it's like a feast of classical goodness.

Math, we saw a few kids in costumes when we went out to vote but we never get any trick or treaters at the house. We're in an area where the houses are too far apart. It is a lovely night for it. I think you should get a takeaway.

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Thewolvesarerunningagain Sun 31-Oct-21 22:20:06

Hi all, can I join? I think I accidentally butted in last night before I recognised the thread title, I was up late with a bad reaction to some steroids I was given for an asthma attack that won me a ride from the GP surgery to resuscitation at a&e in a whee-whaa wagon last week. So I’ve spent today low powered but sorting out Halloween games for the DCs and am now trying to stay awake which feels perverse. I love Halloween so much. It’s brings a lump to my throat to see all the pumpkins in my neighbourhood.

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