Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 19: Calmly through the day

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MissConductUS Sat 30-Oct-21 23:53:39

I've started a new one. Please join us and share the boring and mundane things happening in your world. It will be calming for all.

Here is the link to the prior thread:

Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 18: Calmly through the day

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Lemonsandlemonade Sun 31-Oct-21 03:04:08

Hi all have lost track of thread.

Wide awake at 3 am with pain in my abdomen. I worry I have a hernia where I had my c section.

I will ring doctor on Monday but an afraid of misdiagnosis as I have no faith in GP. There is only one other part time GP in the practice and in Wales you can’t switch to another surgery.

I’m scared it may need a repair

Thewolvesarerunningagain Sun 31-Oct-21 03:21:41

Grim time to be awake, Lemons. Sorry you’re going through this :-(

OldTinHat Sun 31-Oct-21 03:32:26

I hope you get sorted asap Lemons.

I can't sleep so am eating tortillas and hummus. Have to be up in two and a half hours to go with friends to watch a chimney being demolished. Seemed like a good idea at the time!

mathanxiety Sun 31-Oct-21 05:08:29

Hope you're able to get some rest, Lemons. If something really is wrong I hope you can get it mended easily.

Fingers crossed Hallowe'en will be fine and dry. There's a lot of pent up Hallowe'en excitement in the air. DD3 did some babysitting earlier and is in a position to know this kind of thing.

Today was the last Farmer's Market of the year. I bought three Mutsu apples which I have never had before. They were described in the signs at the Market as sweet/tart. Once again, I plan to make a pie. I also bought some raw honey. I arrived too late to buy croissants, but I did get some doughnuts. Dcat bit a chunk out of DD3's doughnut while she sat sipping her coffee (DD3 was sipping coffee not Dcat). There must be lard in them.

I made a slow simmered chicken curry this evening and did three loads of laundry.

Went with DD4 to see if she could find herself a padded winter coat or long jacket. She ended up with a nice quilted parka. I found two Christmas gifts for DD4 and hid them when I got home.

Lemonsandlemonade Sun 31-Oct-21 05:55:22

Thanks all. I’m stressing mostly coz of DS. Going to be hard lifting him. DS been up since 4:30 nobody told him the clocks have gone back an hour.

DH has gone to work.

It’s raining horrendously out there.

@OldTinHat enjoy the chimney being demolished. Is it one of those big ones?

Have visions of a cat drinking coffee now *@OldTinHat*!

Limegreentangerine Sun 31-Oct-21 06:03:30

Morning all !!
My ds too has been up for an hour and is fussy , today we will get up go to the range and see Christmas decorations, pop to the toy store for Xmas gifts for him then drop the wife off at football while I make a roast and wrap her presents I bought in secret!

Debating wether to put the kettle on now , it's raining cats and dogs too , I don't suppose that large chimney is in hampshire!? Anyone else having a roast today?!


mathanxiety Sun 31-Oct-21 06:03:32

Do you have anyone you can call to come over and lend a hand, @Lemonsandlemonade?

Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 06:13:16

Thanks for new thread MissC

Sorry you are in pain Lemon Do you have an equivalent of 111 you can call in Wales, its like an out of hours and urgent advice doctors service? Hope you can get it sorted. We really need MissC, our nurse on the thread with all our medical issues.

Think will be having a roast today though today have to collect DD from sleepover and Halloween parties around 45 mins each way, assemble the swivel chair and table, clean out the silkies and the rabbit but its a food we all love and one of ones I can eat at the moment.

OldTinHat Sun 31-Oct-21 06:15:42

@Lemonsandlemonade Yes, the big one at Fawley near Southampton. Just about to set of in this current monsoon 🙄

I do hope you get well sooner rather than later. Keep on at the GPs!

OldTinHat Sun 31-Oct-21 06:16:09

*set off!

Limegreentangerine Sun 31-Oct-21 06:25:00

@OldTinHat you Must live VERY close to me ! That gives me comfort as I don't have many friends (saddo Alert)
I've just made a cup of coffee and low and behind DS is fast asleep now 🙄🙄 so I've decided to read and reply to you lovely lotsmile

OldTinHat Sun 31-Oct-21 06:32:25

@Limegreentangerine Maybe not close to you? I'm cheating - I'm on the Isle of Wight and currently a passenger in a car with sleepy people heading to Cowes to watch from a safe distance. I'll wave at you though!! 🤗

OldTinHat Sun 31-Oct-21 06:34:54

@Limegreentangerine I'm sorry you're low. Things always are darkest when it's raining and, well, dark. Spoil yourself today - go out and buy a cake or a trifle or big bag of tortillas! Listen out for the bang at 7am too, I'll be waving at you like a loon then!!

PeterPomegranate Sun 31-Oct-21 06:35:55


I hope you get sorted asap Lemons.

I can't sleep so am eating tortillas and hummus. Have to be up in two and a half hours to go with friends to watch a chimney being demolished. Seemed like a good idea at the time!

Is that Fawley? My aunt and uncle whatsapped the family group with a photo of an article from the Echo.

Enjoy. I hope there will be videos on the news.

PeterPomegranate Sun 31-Oct-21 06:36:36

Oh. I’ve just read your updates that it IS Fawley smile

PeterPomegranate Sun 31-Oct-21 06:38:04

@Lemonsandlemonade Hope things are loo looking brighter and you can get checked out.

PeterPomegranate Sun 31-Oct-21 06:39:28

Must remember pay for the scouts bonfire night today. Keep forgetting.

Seeing my sister this afternoon. Looking forward to that.

Lemonsandlemonade Sun 31-Oct-21 06:46:54

@mathanxiety yes could call DM if stuck.

@Silkieschickens yes we have 111 here in Wales but am reluctant to call for fear of being sent to A and E. we have a very reduced minor injuries where I live so usually sent for checks at A and E. All larger hospitals ( with A and E) are in another county and at least 90 mins drive away.

@OldTinHat my DM visited Isle of Wight recently and said what a lovely place it is.

I’d actually live to see a large demolition.

Limegreentangerine Sun 31-Oct-21 07:03:18

@OldTinHat I'm from gosport so I could literally wave at you from the beach ! Small world I was thinking of moving to there! It looks lovely in photos
Heard the Big Bang baby just looked at me like what was that!
Yes trifle is in order today or maybe sticky toffee 😂

IWanderedLonely Sun 31-Oct-21 08:14:41

In Wales in our campervan. Sitting up in bed watching the waves roll in. Wish I could stay here forever at least until Friday

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 31-Oct-21 08:15:57

Oh yes, you'll be celebrating tonight. Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

I managed to set all clocks to the right time - that's me done for the day.
DH has to hand in our tax declaration for 2020 until midnight (my contribution has been ready since March - well, I am employed so it is only a piece of paper telling them what they already know and a few additional deductions)

Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 09:18:13

Hope you can get your car working soon Nydj

That is good your DC is still symptomless Helena sounds hopefully they will have no symptoms or very mild. I am not sure if insomnia is part of it, I have that anyway with peri menopause, but was getting ill every hour or so in night before being sick so couldnt sleep. Such a wierd illness and will be very glad to be rid of it. Just had an email from secondary, 48 cases reported over half term week, that is around 6% of school this week and by far the highest ever. shock

Ds is up. Dh is sleeping.

Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 09:23:44

Prok do you do tax returns as a household there? It is like that in France but here it is individual.

Silkieschickens Sun 31-Oct-21 09:26:52

I have been looking up what regulations we need for the staircase and new bedroom division, it looks like listed buildings consent, building regs and structural engineers report to say structurally safe but not planning. I have found the one structural engineer in the county who does listed buildings but need the carpenter who is very hard to get hold of to do drawings. We have a call from planning on 2nd so can check then.

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