Can someone just chat with me for a bit please

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Notgettingbetter Thu 28-Oct-21 12:20:53

I have depression and I'm still in bed. Trying to get myself moving. We don't have to talk about me and my mental health. We could talk about anything. I'm just really struggling and there's no one I feel able to message or call right now. Thanks 🙂

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DementedPanda Thu 28-Oct-21 12:24:09

Take it in stages.. can you move to the sofa to start? Maybe make a cuppa and put on a light hearted series to watch?

Depression sucks flowers

ThatCampWitch Thu 28-Oct-21 12:24:26

Hello lovely, hope you feel better soon! It’s the worst isn’t it. I’m just cuddling the dog and thinking about having lunch (cold pizza!), then I need to go get some loo rolls (the glamour!). Do you have any plans for later or tomorrow?

LittleMo234 Thu 28-Oct-21 12:25:32

Where I am, the sun is just trying to peek out. Hopefully it is for you too. I always find my mood lifts by giving myself a goal, preferably one which involves going outdoors...
I went conker collecting the other day to put in the corners of my rooms to keep the spiders away, it works!

SnugKnights Thu 28-Oct-21 12:26:27

I’m free to chat OP. Sorry you’re struggling at the moment.
I’m sitting watching the rain hoping our local flood warnings are wrong!

Tickledtrout Thu 28-Oct-21 12:26:28

Hello @Notgettingbetter
Struggling with rotten cold here so I'm lying on bed waiting for paracetamol to kick in.
Raining and I can hear the binmen outside.
What are you planning for lunch?

Notgettingbetter Thu 28-Oct-21 12:27:17

Thank you both so much for replying. We (my partner, daughter and I) are supposed to be going grocery shopping today. Don't think I can face it. Cold pizza would be fantastic right now..Partner is making some pasta for lunch. Trying to set myself a small, manageable goal like brush my teeth or get dressed.

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GoodnightGrandma Thu 28-Oct-21 12:27:26

I’ve got cleaning to do 😫
But then it will be a walk around the village with my doggie, what ever the weather !
Not sure whether to have a cheeky glass of wine tonight, or be good and wait until tomorrow 🤔 what do you think Notgettingbetter ?

Notgettingbetter Thu 28-Oct-21 12:28:10

I have a cold too which is not helping anything. It looks like a nice day outside - sunny.

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bloodywhitecat Thu 28-Oct-21 12:28:35

I am listening to the endless chatter of my 18 month old, nothing makes any sense as he has no words yet (except "eese" which is his way of asking for cheese), he keeps offering me his half sucked veggie straw then pulling it away at the last minute.

ThatCampWitch Thu 28-Oct-21 12:28:41

It’s sunny here too, and I can hear my retired neighbour pratting about outside with a ladder. I always think surely he’ll run out of things to fix, but he never seems to! smile

Theunamedcat Thu 28-Oct-21 12:29:29

I achieved autumn flowers in my garden this year its nice to see them peeking through in a sea of green moss grass and brown leaves

SeaToSki Thu 28-Oct-21 12:31:19

Taking a small step in the right direction is such a good idea. Cleaning your teeth is perfect as clean teeth are so much nicer than furry night mouth!

I think you should also count reaching out on Mumsnet as a step forward as well. So you have taken the first step and are planning the second step. Go you

Maybe after cleaning you teeth you could lay out some clothes to get changed into. Something comfy for lounging in too.

I am in the US, so we are just getting up here. DD has just left for school, she has an early bus and I am Mumsnetting and avoiding the kitchen as there is a greasy pan I left ‘soaking’ last night.

Notgettingbetter Thu 28-Oct-21 12:31:22

Those flowers are lovely 🙂 My little garden has gone crazy this year with the weird weather. I'm hoping my lavender survives 🤞

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ThatCampWitch Thu 28-Oct-21 12:31:35

Click and collect saves my skin when I just can’t face the big shop!

Small manageable goals are the best! Today mine are: go and buy the loo rolls; do some more rows of knitting (scary high risk pregnancy means that I’m taking it so easy).

What’s everyone else’s tiny today goals?

SnugKnights Thu 28-Oct-21 12:31:35

Might it help if you plan to take your daughter somewhere afterwards OP? I always find it easier to push myself if it’s for the kids rather than for my own benefit. Also can you plan something nice for yourself this evening? Even if it’s just a long bath or a box set. I hope you’re getting good support from your GP.

ODFOgrinch Thu 28-Oct-21 12:31:45

Having dirty teeth is the worst isn't it? Go brush them and then get back into bed if you want. It doesn't need to be a commitment to do any more. Just one small thing that might make you feel a tiny bit better.

Forestcantrun Thu 28-Oct-21 12:31:48

It's wet here. Just in and covered in mud courtesy of my friend's dog who showed no regard for the fact I was relatively clean before he arrived 🤣
My dog snuggled up on his mat waiting to see what's for lunch.

mibbelucieachwell Thu 28-Oct-21 12:32:55

Dull and dreich, as we say here in Glasgowshire.

You'll be so pleased with yourself once you've brushed your teeth.

I have next to nothing in the fridge as it's only working a bit. Waiting for the fridge repair guy's fourth visit in 2 months. Using this as an excuse to have banana bread and pecans for lunch.

SnugKnights Thu 28-Oct-21 12:33:39

I’ve promised myself I’ll list some things on eBay while the kids are out with Grandparents. Hopefully it’ll help pay for Christmas.

BlackeyedSusan Thu 28-Oct-21 12:33:42

I am back in bed trying to work out what needs to be done to get ready to go to vaccination appointment with the dcs. I have an hour and a half before their dad is supposed to arrive. Eating. Drinking, checking epipens etc.

I can't think straight as my feet are cold so the first thing I need to do is find socks.

HereticFanjo Thu 28-Oct-21 12:34:29

Oooh lavender is the best OP. It's pretty hardy. Doing teeth first sounds like a good idea plus add a splash of cold water on your face. It really brings you into your body in the moment.

I'm really glad you said about teeth because you reminded me - I haven't done mine yet!

ThatCampWitch Thu 28-Oct-21 12:35:42

Ooh banana bread and pecans! That sounds brill. And Glasgow, I’ve only been once, and I loved it. I’m all the way down in Kent!

Notgettingbetter Thu 28-Oct-21 12:36:01

Wow - I didn't expect so many posts! I can't keep up. Thank you each and every one of you ❤️

I got out of bed and made it so I'm less tempted to get back in. And I brushed my teeth!

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ThatCampWitch Thu 28-Oct-21 12:36:56

Well done OP! Making the bed always stops me getting in it again. It doesn’t stop me lying ON it, but that doesn’t count flowers

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