Starting a new job - ideas on how to do it well

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reallyworriedjobhunter Thu 28-Oct-21 11:30:52

I'm starting a new job on Monday. Office based in a large multinational organisation. Feeling excited but also really worried about being totally new.

I was with my last employer for a loooong time and knew the whole place from top to bottom so I haven't done this for a while and it's going to be a complete contrast - from old timer to newby.

What makes starting a new job and learning a new organisation easier? Any advice from anyone who has done this recently or who works in onboarding and sees people who do it well?

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ImmortalCandle Thu 28-Oct-21 12:06:01

Read the first 90 days by Micheal Watkins.

GiltEdges Thu 28-Oct-21 12:11:00

I've moved jobs fairly regularly over the past few years and the only tips I'd really have are:

1. If you have questions, ask them! And ask them early on. I find people tend to be really patient and understanding when you're very new, but become less so once you've been around for a few weeks if you're still needing to ask lots of questions (unless it's about something new that's come up at that point, obviously).
2. Linked to the above, write the answers down! Good notes will save you having to repeatedly ask the same question, which can have the effect of making you look forgetful / nervous / incompetent.
3. Be friendly and approachable. It can be quite awkward in a new job if you're not naturally sociable, but I always try to make the effort to find out where immediate colleagues eat lunch, for example, rather than taking myself off and eating alone. In some workplaces everyone might do their own thing anyway, but you won't know that on your first day.

Good luck with the new role smile

byronicheroine Thu 28-Oct-21 12:40:33

Keep asking questions, and check out Amazing If - there's a podcast and lots of resources. Good luck!

Lochnessgiraffe Thu 28-Oct-21 12:46:58

Following as I start a new job on Monday. And keen to make a good impression

Mnusernc Thu 28-Oct-21 12:49:49

Make friends with the PAs and the data people. That's my first step in any new job.

HelenaJustina Thu 28-Oct-21 12:55:58

Ditto the above friends, also IT


LadyJaye Thu 28-Oct-21 12:58:59


Make friends with the PAs and the data people. That's my first step in any new job.

This! Also receptionists and security people / concierges. smile

What level are you going in at? I am a director and I am always very impressed by new hires who take a dynamic approach in getting to know their colleagues and the wider organisation.

Of course, you should be introduced to your immediate team, HR etc during onboarding, but it's also good to arrange your own introductions and catch ups with more 'secondary stakeholders', if possible.

Oh, and there's no such thing as a stupid question! If in doubt, ask.

Good luck and I hope this is the start of a terrific new period in your life.

QuickityQuackity Thu 28-Oct-21 13:05:52

Write things down. And work out how you are going to keep/access said notes. Depending on your training/induction you may jump from one thing of different complexity to another "Oh whilst we are talking about X, don't forget you need to do this travel form each time. It is stored here and you'll need to get a code from the database by doing steps a,b,c"..but then you may not need to do it again for several weeks/days. If you haven't written down where the form is kept, and steps a,b,c down you'll have to ask again.....

Without writing and filing clearly you have no idea how to access the info you have been told. So regardless of what it is, make step by step notes..from budgets, to team appraisal to how to book a meeting room.

I ended up tearing out pages of my notebook, then filed them in punch pockets - alphabetically in "categories" so next time I needed to do that thing I could find. But this was because my initial notes ended up just on random pages in the book and I could never find them easily...they were there..but it got very boring flicking through my notebook to find "travel form"..hence the 'filing"

I have found that it may take a bit longer to be talked through stuff with me taking notes...but people appreciate not having to go through stuff twice. Or three times.

reallyworriedjobhunter Thu 28-Oct-21 14:53:18

Thanks all. Some great advice here. Will have a look at that book too.

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BoomChicka Thu 28-Oct-21 15:11:11

Absolutely write things down!! Take a notepad and write everything down, it's often the small, simple parts of a process you will forget and it's a personal pet hate of mine when I'm training someone and they don't write anything down then come and ask me again the day after!

Other than that, good luck and enjoy!

reallyworriedjobhunter Fri 29-Oct-21 16:26:25

Got a lovely new notebook ready to go and the book on its way from Amazon.

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BakedBeeeen Fri 29-Oct-21 16:32:58

I have recently started a new job, week by week it gets so much easier, so please don’t be worried if it feels overwhelming at first. Lots of new systems for everything that just require getting used to them. Also if someone emails me about something, I try and video call them back to say hello rather than just emailing them back. People have been impressed by this! I have also made contacts quickly doing this sort of networking. It helps you understand the company quicker too. Try to set up calls/meetings with people to have an introduction with - be proactive in this way, and don’t wait until you need to speak to them for a work reason. It definitely helps! Good luck!

reallyworriedjobhunter Fri 29-Oct-21 20:37:15

That's a really good point - thank you. Starting a new job while hybrid working is a challenge in itself.

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ShirleyBadass Fri 29-Oct-21 20:39:29

Take a mug in with you - I've fallen out with a neurotic colleague on a first day before as I used someone else's allotted mug!

And smile and speak to everyone - polite and not over friendly but approachable is the best way to make friends and allies.

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