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JellyKelly8 Wed 27-Oct-21 19:40:48

So I've been seeing someone new and were going to Edinburgh for a couple of nights at the end of November. Hes booked a fabulous hotel & restaurants so I'd really like to contribute and book us some fun things to see and do. Wondering what people would recommend for best tourist activities/things to do ? X

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SausageRoll2020 Wed 27-Oct-21 20:13:42

Climb Calton Hill or Arthur's seat
Stroll down to Stockbridge and mooch round the shops like Golden Hare Books and take a walk around the botanic gardens
St James Quarter if you fancy some shopping
Mary's Milk Bar in Grassmarket for the best ice cream you'll ever experience
National Gallery
National portrait gallery

Edinburgh is a great city, we keep going back time after time

TSSDNCOP Wed 27-Oct-21 20:17:17

open top bus tour

LadyCleathStuart Wed 27-Oct-21 20:29:41

I loved the Ghost Tour which takes you under the city.

museumum Wed 27-Oct-21 20:32:26

Not sure if this will appeal but I loved it www.nationalgalleries.org/exhibition/ray-harryhausen-titan-cinema

MaybeAMoaner Wed 27-Oct-21 20:34:06

Camera obscura

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz Wed 27-Oct-21 20:36:46


Camera obscura

Oooh yes, this was fab.

If you like tacos then El Cartel is amazing.

Loved Edinburgh would love to return.


StCharlotte Wed 27-Oct-21 20:40:27

I've done this twice - it's brilliant.


Also loved the Royal Yacht Britannia and I think you can have afternoon tea on it now.

midsomermurderess Wed 27-Oct-21 20:40:42

Get a bus to Portobello, walk along the prom, nip into one of the cafes, eg Miro's on the Prom.

HugeAckmansWife Thu 28-Oct-21 07:59:13

The Xmas Market is lovely for a wander around. Holyrood Palace if you like history. Ghost tour silly but fun.

DownWhichOfLate Thu 28-Oct-21 08:03:14

The Dome for it’s amazing Xmas decorations: www.thedomeedinburgh.com/

Cantstopthewaves Thu 28-Oct-21 08:03:22

Ghost bus tour.
A great bit of theatre and fun whilst going around the City on an old bus.

Mary Kings Close.

FASDE1517 Thu 28-Oct-21 08:15:07

City tour bus and Camera Obscura

EdmontinaTiresofNameFlipping Thu 28-Oct-21 08:51:42

Really, a huge part of the joy of Edinburgh resides in activities that don’t need booking ahead.

It’s a city that rewards aimless wandering and pottering and loitering in coffee shops.

Best things:

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art - two buildings on opposite sides of the road. If you like art, architecture, green space, trees, tiny little hidden springs and waterfalls you could easily spend the better part of a day between the two.

Holyrood Park - it’s just too extraordinary for words, even if you don’t go all the way up to Arthur’s Seat. A walk from the top of the Royal Mile, past the Scottish Parliament Building and out into that breathtaking space is worth a journey from anywhere, all by itself.

The Farmer’s Market beneath the castle. (Assuming it still happens?)

Don’t plan too much …

GrandOld Thu 28-Oct-21 09:16:15

Try and book a comedy club ?

If you lime walking and lovely scenery walk to Dean Village (not far).

TorySteller Thu 28-Oct-21 09:35:52

We went a few weeks ago and did gin tasting at the Edinburgh gin distillery. It was great, I’d highly recommend.

Walk up to Arthur’s Seat if you get some decent weather - incredible views.

I’d also recommend Makar’s gourmet mash bar for food - it’s a really relaxed place but the food was incredible.

Gonnagetgoing Thu 28-Oct-21 11:29:29

Camera obscura, if they have the lights in the Botanical Garden that's pretty, the Castle, Edinburgh Vaults.

Also National Museum for art.

Definitely an open top bus tour too.

MargaretHooper Thu 28-Oct-21 11:38:37

The Scotsman Hotel Picturehouse:

wishingchair1 Thu 28-Oct-21 11:59:41

Camera obscura will definitely break the ice if new and lots of fun.
HMRC Royal Brittania was really interesting even if you aren't royalist.

maddy68 Thu 28-Oct-21 12:15:32

Royal mile and go in the castle

CanIPleaseHaveOne Thu 28-Oct-21 12:33:40


I heard a piece about this on Radio 4. It is so unusual and wildly creative. An Australian artist presents an imersive display of her work set to the sound of "piping," which is the sound the queen bee makes in the hive.

midsomermurderess Thu 28-Oct-21 13:19:37

I wouldn't be so sure about the Christmas Market in the East Prince's Street Gardens. In previous years, it's been horribly busy, really very packed and quite an unpleasant experience, the crowds and crush. It might be a bit smaller this year, who knows. The stuff on sale is quite tatty too.

Bushkin Thu 28-Oct-21 13:42:12

Where are you staying/eating? That might help make good suggestions

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