Dog people would you buy this type of collar? ?

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LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:14:58

I posted a few weeks ago about some cat bits I made and got great feedback so here I go again.

I am starting to do craft stalls with homemade pet bits and have made some collars up. These are made with strong polypropylene webbing, extra strong thread and strong welded D ring fittings so will and can handle a dog that pulls.

I am thinking of charging £7 for the 25mm collars and £5 for the 20mm collars.

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Reptar Tue 26-Oct-21 20:29:32

I like the fabric, but prefer a steel buckle (the type with a post that goes through a hole.) I had a nasty experience walking someone else's sight hound using a collar with a plastic buckle, and the bugger made a run for it.
I would have loved the Very Hungry Caterpillar for my old Lab cross.

BeagleBeagled Tue 26-Oct-21 20:33:16

I really like them, but would also prefer a metal buckle because in the past we had one like these open.

Stompythedinosaur Tue 26-Oct-21 20:34:29

I wouldn't buy a collar with a plastic catch as I'd worry about it breaking. I do have a large breed though, so I may not be your target market.

skyblueone Tue 26-Oct-21 20:34:51

Yes I would but I would also only buy with a metal, belt like fastening. Lovely fabrics.

NearLifeExperience Tue 26-Oct-21 20:35:09

I think they're really nice, and a good price. Good luck.

BeagleBeagled Tue 26-Oct-21 20:35:18

Would love the grinch one.


FindingMeno Tue 26-Oct-21 20:35:35

I would!

Puppermam Tue 26-Oct-21 20:36:42

You're still not charging enough. The collars look nicely made. Although in case you didn't know you can't sell stuff you've made with Disney on, it's licensed. Even if you're only selling a little bit here and there, Disney are shit hot on it and they can and will come after you.

AgathaX Tue 26-Oct-21 20:36:52

Not my type of thing and as others said, would prefer a metal buckle.

LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:37:03

I think after I've gone through the plastic ones I might do some metal buckles and some belt type ones.

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FOJN Tue 26-Oct-21 20:38:48

I think they look great but I don't do novelty patterned anything so wouldn't be for me but I know loads of people who would love them. I use a collar which has a D ring either side of the plastic clip so the lead clips through both of them, all the benefits of easy use and none of the concerns about the plastic clip breaking as the D rings and lead clip take all the strain.
Your collars look well made and I think you could change more, the collars I use cost £16 just to give you an idea.

LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:39:13

About not charging enough I think £7 is a fair price they cost under £3 to make and take 10mins on the sewing machine. I am quite happy with that mark up.

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ChocolateRiver Tue 26-Oct-21 20:40:48

They’re lovely, really quirky. Unfortunately we use a harness not a collar though so I wouldn’t buy them. I see a lot of dogs in a harness when out walking. Could this be a possibility or are they too difficult to make? I imagine they would be hard.

WeAllHaveWings Tue 26-Oct-21 20:43:01

I don't mind the plastic fastening as long as it is solid and good quality, we have always used plastic fastening with our 9 year old labrador and never had one fail on us.

I prefer plain styles so wouldnt buy, but think you could really up the prices if you wanted to. You could try selling at dog agility events.

Reptar Tue 26-Oct-21 20:43:11

With winter coming you should look into making dog coats as well. They need to be machine washable.

LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:44:30

I have noticed a lot of harness walkers while out walking. They are doable but fiddly. I am going to be making Leads in the same type of fabrics aswell, still making all the stock up.

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LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:45:41

I did think of dog coats or the little full jumper types you see greyhounds in.

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gogohm Tue 26-Oct-21 20:46:38

To be honest, for larger dogs they simply won't be strong enough. That said most use harnesses now so collars are decorative but as my ddog thinks nothing of diving in the mud flats we stick to nylon

nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Tue 26-Oct-21 20:46:43

Not with the plastic fastening, no. If it had a proper buckle I would but my Lab would snap that in minutes as he lunges for other dogs and those plastic ones can't usually take the sudden jerk.

Cecillie Tue 26-Oct-21 20:51:23

They are lovely
Maybe make some really small sizes as little collars for toy dogs are really hard to find.
You could sell them on breed specific Facebook pages as well then

LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:52:02

The D rings have triple stitching either side of the ring so the buckle and the d ring don't come into contact if that makes sense.

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LauraSaidIShouldBeNicer Tue 26-Oct-21 20:52:49

I do have some quite small buckles 15mm to make up aswell for toy breeds grin

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santabetterwashhishands Tue 26-Oct-21 20:56:12

Lovely collars but need a stronger fastener for my big brute .

crocidura Tue 26-Oct-21 21:00:52

Some of these designs / artwork belong to other people or corporations. You can't just stick Eric Carle's or Axel Scheffler's work on to your product and make money off it!

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