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SaraMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Oct-21 12:30:29

Hello everyone

We know Mumsnetters love a bargain - but did you know we have a weekly newsletter full of great discounts, deals and giveaways on the products and brands we know you love?

Sign up to our Mumsnet Money Saver newsletter, and we'll enter you in a prize draw to win one Oodie - the gorgeously soft flannel fleeces in a huge range of fun colours and patterns that Mumsnetters are snapping up for Christmas. We'll send you a Money Saver newsletter once a week, crammed with amazing deals and bargains. Look out for special editions as well - and of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

Just click here to fill out the form - it takes less than a minute - and we'll enter you in our Oodie prize draw which will take place on November 2nd 2021.

If you're a winner you'll receive an email from Mumsnet asking you for your postage details and choice of Oodie pattern/colour.

Sign up now!

Mumsnet carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale (more details here).

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RainbowZebraWarrior Tue 19-Oct-21 13:13:05

Ooh! Done x

Wolfiefan Tue 19-Oct-21 15:04:43


mummy182822828 Tue 19-Oct-21 16:41:23


torthecatlady Tue 19-Oct-21 16:59:29

Perfect for the chilly evenings!

Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 19-Oct-21 17:00:11


onitlikeacarbonnet Tue 19-Oct-21 17:41:24

It’s my birthday soon 🤞


StarDanced Tue 19-Oct-21 17:54:16

Done. An oodie would be great, they look so cosy.

JuneOsborne Tue 19-Oct-21 17:59:38

Excited to be in with the change to win the oodie, but also looking forward to the newsletter, didn't know there was one like this!

bluebump Tue 19-Oct-21 21:15:21


1stmumma Tue 19-Oct-21 21:36:55


spaceghetto Tue 19-Oct-21 22:16:35


whattodo2019 Wed 20-Oct-21 00:31:56

No they are seriously hideous! 🤣

CelebrateAndDream Wed 20-Oct-21 06:49:15

Done! It's my birthday on the day of the draw, so that would be a super present 🥰

Igmum Wed 20-Oct-21 14:34:40

Done 👍grin

Frazzledd Wed 20-Oct-21 19:30:45


No they are seriously hideous! 🤣

🤣🤣! (The jokes on me though, I talked about them about 6 months ago and think I'm getting one for Christmas! shock )

MrsDeaconClaybourne Wed 20-Oct-21 20:21:35

Done! My DD would love one.

StarDanced Wed 20-Oct-21 20:38:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StarDanced Wed 20-Oct-21 20:40:38

Apologies for the last post- wrong thread.

MrTumblesSpottyHag Wed 20-Oct-21 22:41:19

Oooh done!

HappyBackHome Thu 21-Oct-21 09:11:51

Done! Looking forward to the newsletter, like others I didn't know it existed! And eldest dd would love an Oodie grin.

angel0071987 Thu 21-Oct-21 17:49:41

Done as would love one but cannot afford £80+ for a top

Tairbear Thu 21-Oct-21 21:17:47

Completed smile

TheImpOfThePerverse Fri 22-Oct-21 01:56:44

Nice smile

Midnightstar76 Fri 22-Oct-21 08:58:58

All done, looking forward to the email!

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