What was THE INCIDENT at your secondary school?

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NoviceNewMN Sun 17-Oct-21 17:42:50

Inspired by a thread on another website that I randomly came across throught google.

Every school has some sort of 'infamous incident' that passed into the annals of school infamy and was the sole topic of gossip for months if not years.

What was yours?

Mine was the head teacher had an affair with another teacher. Both were married. It all became public on the last day of term and neither of them came back the following term. Just disappeared. No one talked about anything else for a long time.

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NoviceNewMN Sun 17-Oct-21 17:44:06

This was the threat that made me think of this question. The original poster wrote We had twin girls in my class who disappeared one day and never returned to school. Turns out they had murdered their mother with an axe. which is pretty horrific.


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NoviceNewMN Sun 17-Oct-21 17:44:14

* the thread

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CovidCorvid Sun 17-Oct-21 17:44:57

We had a headteacher having an affair with another teacher as well, was years of gossip. One of my parents was a teacher at the school and said even the staff gossiped about it.

One of the teachers was supposedly shagging a sixth former as well but not sure how true that was.

SpangoDweller Sun 17-Oct-21 17:45:22

Similar - deputy head got divorced and quickly married another teacher, who came back after the holidays as Mrs Deputy Head’s Surname. Deputy head had three children at the school sadhmm

SylvanasWindrunner Sun 17-Oct-21 17:45:24

Our biology teacher and a student who had just left sixth year got together and set up home. Her parents were our neigbours. There was a story in the paper and everything!

tiredanddangerous Sun 17-Oct-21 17:45:29

maths teacher sleeping with a sixth former. He left his job (and his wife!) to move with her to her university city.


DunderMifflinSalesRep Sun 17-Oct-21 17:45:40

Physics teacher in his 40s left his wife for a pupil he started seeing when she was 14. This was before child protection etc.

NatMoz Sun 17-Oct-21 17:46:39

There was the teacher who had sex with a sixth former, the pupil who pooed in a teacher's favourite mug and the time loads of people in my school year went to get underage tattoos on their lunch break!

Mercedes519 Sun 17-Oct-21 17:47:44

God there is a lot of dodgy relationships going on. In my school it was the music teacher…

There was the day the science block caught fire. That was quite an incident!

Nutrigrainygoodness Sun 17-Oct-21 17:47:50

Our science teacher put a student on the floor. From what I remember the student ran at the teacher and the teacher wrestled the student to the ground, maybe a bit aggressively.
Was gossip long after he left (years after this incident)

SpangoDweller Sun 17-Oct-21 17:47:57

Several incidents between pupils and teachers too (well, the same teacher with more than one pupil). Truly was a different time.

Borka Sun 17-Oct-21 17:47:59

Two girls were caught growing marijuana in the boarding house. They told the house mistress it was a tomato plant, so I think she may have become suspicious eventually when no tomatoes appeared.

Cheesymonster Sun 17-Oct-21 17:48:13

I went to a girls school in the 80s and our Incident was that a girl was supposed to have died tragically from falling from a balcony or sometimes the bell tower, accounts varied, and thereafter haunted the school. We would scare the younger pupils with this. Sometimes you’d get a library book which had her name written inside the front cover which was of course really the older girls pissing about.

Figgygal Sun 17-Oct-21 17:48:39

Our absolutely amazing deputy head was killed in an accident on holiday
Broke everyone’s hearts and references to it and how great he was still pops up on the school alumni Facebook group

SylvanasWindrunner Sun 17-Oct-21 17:49:09

Oh and the art teacher who tried to hang herself in the supply closet but a student found her in time. She never came back to work at our school and I really hope she got the help she needed sad

Timeforwinterclothes Sun 17-Oct-21 17:50:02

I went to an ultra religious school. The most favourite pupil ever went to Oxford and was held up to us a shining example of achievement. For context, this was the early 1960s. She got pregnant unmarried by a black man. Probably the most scandalous thing the nuns had ever come across. We no longer had to hear how wonderful she was!

Amrapaali Sun 17-Oct-21 17:50:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

BaronessKareness Sun 17-Oct-21 17:50:14

When the 15/16 year olds went on strike!! Made the local papers. Can’t remember why though!! It was around 1977.

itsgettingwierd Sun 17-Oct-21 17:50:19

Drugs brought into school.

Was on the news and everything!

Reason being is it was not the thing you'd expect at my school!!! (Although we realise it happens everywhere!)

TulipsTwoLips Sun 17-Oct-21 17:50:35

Someone drove a car through the downstairs corridor of our school on the last day of term. Not really gossip as everyone knew who it was etc, but talked about for a long time. They weren’t allowed back to sit their exams

TulipsTwoLips Sun 17-Oct-21 17:51:28

Message withdrawn as it quotes a deleted post.

Mamamamasaurus Sun 17-Oct-21 17:51:42

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butterflyze Sun 17-Oct-21 17:52:28

There was an incident in the woodwork classroom when a boy accidentally cut off two of his fingers on the circular saw. That was talked about for a while. So was the affair between two PE teachers - particularly because one of them happened to be married to another teacher, who also worked at our school.

exexpat Sun 17-Oct-21 17:53:55

A dead baby (stillborn, the police eventually concluded) was found in a girl's locker. It was a boarding school, and she was an overseas student. Very sad story all round.

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