Who made these wooden animal toys ? I'm after a kangaroo, cat and frog

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hopjumpskipstone Sat 16-Oct-21 18:10:25

I have these DD likes matching these to her books, and we also have some farm animals similar, but lacking a cat, kangaroo and frog 🐸

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Idontlike Sat 16-Oct-21 18:26:00

These are similar -although you would have to check sizes.
You can buy a cat, kangaroo & frog separately though, I just searched.


hopjumpskipstone Sat 16-Oct-21 21:06:07

@Idontlike oh I have some lovely Christmas ones from there, they are good quality and great I can buy them individually, they are quite thick but will be perfect. Thank you

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CatOfTheLand Thu 28-Oct-21 11:40:49

Did you buy them new or secondhand? They look like puzzle pieces. Or a stacking game

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