Any surgeons about? Why wasn't I wearing knickers?

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ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:08:01

I had laparoscopic surgery for an ovarian cyst this morning. Went into surgery wearing disposable knickers but wasn't when I woke up. It's really bothering me. Can anyone shed any light what would have happened? I'm in England. Thank you

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lnsufficientFuns Fri 15-Oct-21 22:09:52

Catheter ?

gardeninggirl68 Fri 15-Oct-21 22:11:09

internal probe?

SophiesMummySaid Fri 15-Oct-21 22:11:16

Pain relief suppository?

Hairyfriend Fri 15-Oct-21 22:12:09

Where did they insert the camera? Surely if it was ovarian, then that is pelvic, so unless they inserted the camera through you foot, I'd assume the knickers came off to clean the skin and/or insert a catheter!!!

ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:12:49

No one said anything beforehand. Feels very invasive. I'll see if anyone can tell me in the morning 🙁

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ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:13:08

No it was through my stomach

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Hairyfriend Fri 15-Oct-21 22:13:30

Where did they put the camera in though? Do you have a wound anywhere?

tiredanddangerous Fri 15-Oct-21 22:14:24

Did you ask the doctor after the surgery?

gardeninggirl68 Fri 15-Oct-21 22:15:09

invasive how? did you not ask for an explanation of what would happen beforehand?

AAkim Fri 15-Oct-21 22:15:16

I'm very sorry you didn't get answers at the time. Did you have a low port? It's most likely for infection control as they may have draped all the way down and removed them to ensure sterilty.
If you are finding this is bothering you please feedback to the hospital via pals or at followup. It could be that some feedback means they put processes in place to put knickers back on at the end of operations and improve patient dignity.

Hairyfriend Fri 15-Oct-21 22:15:26

Do you have a catheter in now? They likely did an internal scan (transvaginal) during the procedure. This gives a better view of the ovaries over an ultrasound on the outside of the pelvic area. I'm surprised it wasn't discussed pre-surgery though? Does it feel like something has been inside? KY jelly?

ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:15:59

I had no idea it would or had happened. Was groggy for ages when I came around

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Boopeedoop Fri 15-Oct-21 22:17:00

When I had my laparoscopy they used a tool inserted into my vagina to tilt my uterus out of the way.

ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:17:08

No catheter abs didn't feel like any jelly was used. I'll try abs found out tmw and if not then PALS is a good idea, thank you

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idontlikealdi Fri 15-Oct-21 22:17:18

So many reasons. Did you clarify before surgery? What are you getting at?

ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:17:46

I'm also pregnant so they were much more cautious about staying as well away as possible from my uterus

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ANameChangeAgain Fri 15-Oct-21 22:17:51

They really should be telling you what happened rather than leaving you to wonder and worry. Definitely ask the doctor.
Hope you make a speedy recovery. flowers

Olivia199 Fri 15-Oct-21 22:19:14

Anaesthetic practitioner here - more than likely it was to clean and drape the area. We will prep skin far lower and higher than necessary to ensure we have a good sterile field. Then we have the drapes stuck down. In ovarian/lower abdominal surgery, pants more often than not get in the way. They also, on occasion, will pop a catheter in.
You should have been warned about this really. Although it is very standard practice for us and we don't think twice, it is still very invasive as a patient! Normally I ask my patients to pop their pants off before they go under.
Hope you heal up well!

welshweasel Fri 15-Oct-21 22:19:27

They will often pop a temporary (in/out) catheter in at the start of the operation and then use a probe up your vagina into your uterus to move it around during the op. Both these are absolutely standard practice.

ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:19:30

@idontlikealdi I'm not getting at anything. I just don't know why and when the surgeon talked through the op and consent forms ut was never mentioned. I've never had surgery before so why should it occur to me to ask pre emptively

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kitty1993 Fri 15-Oct-21 22:19:43

I've had the same surgery and it's very normal to go in with disposable knickers and come out without them. Possibly to catheterise you if needed? I had a catheter when I came out

HistoriaTrixie Fri 15-Oct-21 22:19:49

I just had a procedure under general anesthesia earlier today. I asked my nurse why I needed to remove my underwear given the procedure was on my foot and she said that some people's urinary sphincter releases when under GA. So they were probably just trying to save you wet knickers!

ohwerehalfwaythere Fri 15-Oct-21 22:20:12

Thank you @Olivia199 that's really helpful

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welshweasel Fri 15-Oct-21 22:20:34

Ah if pregnant then no uterus probe! Will have been for a catheter or just to enable cleaning and draping.

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