What would your Year 7 girl like to receive for her birthday?

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Hesma Fri 15-Oct-21 16:14:13

My year 7 DD would like Earrings, phone case, bath bombs, note books, Tom gates stuff, squishmallows, make up, baggy hoodies or tee shirts

StressCoffee Thu 14-Oct-21 20:14:29

*purses with your initial on

StressCoffee Thu 14-Oct-21 20:14:01

My DD is almost 12. She's asked for earrings, perfume (some gross Tesco stuff grin ), sewing things.

She also loves Percy pigs, those little bags and pursed with your initial on (M&S have a nice range), sliders, dressing gowns and general comfy clothes.

Motherdare Thu 14-Oct-21 19:52:57

Thanks so much for these ideas. I really don’t want to ask the parents or give cash/vouchers. Just wanted to know what other 12 year olds were into as mine are much younger.

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CottonSock Thu 14-Oct-21 18:01:57

Sorry I read it as age 7! And was surprised by the Mobile phone. Delete.. don't get her a rainbowcorn blush

CottonSock Thu 14-Oct-21 17:59:45

Craft stuff like clay

ILiedAboutBeingTheOutdoorType Thu 14-Oct-21 17:58:57

Bath bombs, stationery (notebooks, markers, felt tips etc), chocolate, hot chocolate sachets, pyjamas, fluffy socks? I wouldn't get make up unless you know she definitely wears it. Best thing I agree would be to ask parents.


Pucarbuile Thu 14-Oct-21 17:34:11

Dd and her friends are all about sharpies at the moment, the more shades of colours the better.

HelenaJustina Thu 14-Oct-21 17:13:04

Mine recently received;
Adam Hart’s new book
A ton of other books
A charm for her Pandora bracelet
£5 note in a card
£10 note in a card
Cinema trip with a friend
First mobile phone
Couple of phone cases (see above)
RNLI junior membership

From a variety of family and friends!

WakeMeUpin22 Thu 14-Oct-21 17:06:02

What about a little bracelet? Does she have her ear pieced?

Claires accessories do lovely little bits for her age.

SE13Mummy Thu 14-Oct-21 17:06:01

Fluffy bed socks or those boot slippers
A Jellycat sea creature!
FIMO set
Bullet journal and decent fineliner/outline pens
Mini cacti in pots

All of the above have been given to/received by the Y7s in my life recently.

QuentinBunbury Thu 14-Oct-21 17:00:26

Oh yes actually an oodie is a great shout. My teens live in theirs

TravellingSpoon Thu 14-Oct-21 16:57:39

I was opening the thread to say an Oodie because thats what DD wanted and all her friends do too, but it may be a bit on an expensive gift.

But my DD would love anything from lush, earrings, slipper socks or anything Dr Who.

I suppose it depends what she is into.

QuentinBunbury Thu 14-Oct-21 16:57:18

I'd say makeup probably
My aunt bought me some at that age and I remember being really surprised she had
My DD also loved it when she was year 7. Nothing expensive- I think revolution do nice eyeshadow palettes or maybe an eyeliner

B229 Thu 14-Oct-21 16:54:44

If you can't ask the parents/her what she is into I'd go for vouchers even though you don't want to! Then she can get something that she likes. Ask 50 year 7s what they're into and they will all probably say something different.

Motherdare Thu 14-Oct-21 14:44:42

I have to buy a gift for a girl coming up for 12. I know her a little but not well. What are year 7 girls into these days please? I don’t want to start vouchers/cash just yet!

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