Has anyone else started a new job and instantly regretted it ?

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Borisjohnsonshairbrush Thu 14-Oct-21 14:01:24

Long story short -private hosp to a general Nhs. same department and better pay....

But the staff are bitchy about eachother when one leaves a room. The training on their systems and knowledge is not being shared. Process are similar but completely different platform uses. No one is fucking helping despite asking. Day 4 in and I feel like crying. Never felt so lost.

I'll give it til Monday, if no different ok asking for my old job back. My boss said she will keep my role open. The extra 4k a year is not worth working like this.

Please say I'm not alone

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Newbabynewhouse Tue 16-Nov-21 14:34:38

Yeah started a job which was entitled 'admin' at some new Morrison's office was told it was a new role and would be based in the office... got there and turned out it was a fancy way of saying self stacker.. we had moments in the office printing labels and had to put our hands up to go the loo

anthurium Tue 16-Nov-21 14:02:18

I've also been in some really horrible jobs, probably too many to list on here...

I'm curious whether this is something that other people have observed too: the jobs that posters have found disappointing/awful/etc had anything to do with whether the job required specific education/qualifications/ being registered with a professional body - in other words- it was a professional job or whether the poor job quality was predominantly associated with non skilled work/no specific qualifications or experience required...

dropitlikeitsloth Tue 16-Nov-21 13:49:11

Yep. It became apparent very quickly I was doing 2 peoples jobs. Not only that but I wasn’t even doing the type of work I thought I’d be doing. I was given no training and just left to flounder. The office had a weird vibe, the manager was such a micromanager and people just sat at their computers and didn’t move or talk to each other all day. I was so lonely and I felt sick at the thought of going to work every day, it came to a head when I finally burst into tears one morning in bed and my DP had to talk me into going in. I did and handed in my notice in and left with immediate effect. I then ended up in the job I’m in now which I love and have never looked back.

CandidaAlbicans2 Tue 16-Nov-21 13:34:53

I can't believe the NHS have staff like this

Shocking isn't it. Naively I used to think that people in the caring professions, and associated staff, would be the more caring in society, but it's not always the case. The worst manager I ever had (public sector) - the sort who expected me to "hit the ground running", ie know the job with virtually no training, and zero experience, then bollock me when I got something wrong - is now a manager in the NHS! When I complained about her, her manager told me I wasn't the only person to have complained about her that day! Luckily I was able to transfer to another department and get away from her. She had a hell of a reputation and had form for bullying, yet it seems was never punished.

My Mum used to work in the NHS and had problems. Her manager was chummy with a lazy wotsit, who's reluctance to pull her weight meant my Mum had an increased workload. Of course nothing was done about it.

Hayder Tue 16-Nov-21 12:46:29

Similar happened to me, I’m an ANP went from a larger practice with an urgent care centre to smaller practice. It was awful, no induction at all, staff bitching at each other. GP left me to manage a very unwell child in respiratory distress on my own - whilst I tried to stabilise the child until the paramedics came, in the meantime he was playing games on his computer. I stuck it out for a year and I have never been so unhappy, for that entire things got progressively worse. I wish I had walked away after that first week.

Animood Tue 16-Nov-21 12:45:42

Often companies forget that a probation period is for you to like them as much as it is for them to like you.

If it's not right, sit it out and immediately throw yourself into job hunting. Or, depending on finances, just leave.


Cherrysoup Tue 16-Nov-21 12:24:59

Was head hunted (hard) for my current role, had a wobble and withdrew then decided I’d be ok. I’m not. The boss is not right, everyone whinges to me (I had to put a stop to that), the pace is often frantic when it doesn’t need to be (due to the boss). All of us in the team are debating leaving. The atmosphere is toxic.

Hobnobsandbroomstick Tue 16-Nov-21 10:20:21

Good for you OP!

I left a job after a week once, it was awful.

I worked somewhere once where a new starter went to get something out of his car and just drove off! Then text my boss to say it wasn't for him.

But then life is short, no point in staying somewhere you are miserable!

doodleygirl Tue 16-Nov-21 10:05:09

I started a new job in September, it is quite honestly the worst role I’ve ever had. No support, badly organised and my manager is evil. I have never been so unhappy and have cried almost every day.

So happy to have been offered a new job on Friday. Can’t bloody wait to leave.

WickedWitchOfTheTrent Tue 16-Nov-21 09:20:13

Yes I did. I managed 2.5 months, went on holiday for 2 weeks to Greece, resigned whilst sat by the pool and never went back as I worked my 1 week notice whilst on holiday (I was still on my probation period). Luckily I'd stayed on good terms with my previous employer, so rang him and got a job offer before I got home

yikerspipers Tue 16-Nov-21 09:12:21

Well done OP. I started a job almost exactly 9 years ago and I hated everything about it from hour one. I had just moved to the UK and was the main breadwinner, so felt utterly trapped. I have been in the job and absolutely miserable for the last nine years now. Oh how I wish I had left immediately!

Okbutnotgreat Tue 16-Nov-21 09:11:03

Yup, not NHS but I knew immediately I hated the job and the people. I lasted 2 weeks and we mutually agreed it wasn’t working. The relief I felt was incredible and although it took me ages to find another job it was better than being that miserable every day.

NotMyselfWithoutCoffee Tue 16-Nov-21 08:59:21

Nhs can be very toxic, I used to have a manager who was very bitchy and cliquey.
Luckily now I've settled in a nice admin role, pay isn't amazing but my new manager and colleagues are all lovely people.
It's not worth it for your happiness, glad you resigned. You will soon be back in your old role thankfully so hopefully will be feeling brighter again. flowers

dontletthemugglesgetyoudownn Tue 16-Nov-21 08:55:54

God yes, I walked onto the ward regretted it immediately and went straight back to my old manager and begged for my old job back. Went straight back basically, didn't even need to work a notice period

MrsLargeEmbodied Tue 16-Nov-21 07:43:37

well done op
good luck

TravellingSpoon Tue 16-Nov-21 07:39:06


Sock note and resignation is in. Never going back xx

I am really pleased for you, enjoy a couple of weeks to recouperate and take care of yourself.

Thirtyrock39 Tue 16-Nov-21 07:17:57

Was !

Thirtyrock39 Tue 16-Nov-21 07:17:44

Just to clarify my old job wasn't also nhs but a different area

Thirtyrock39 Tue 16-Nov-21 07:17:13

Yes- also nhs,
My old job was lovely but I was bored and my role was looking a bit pointless and no progression .
New nhs job so stressful, so hierarchical, not very nice team , very challenging patients
I used to cry on the way to work
I've been there ten months now and I've settled in BUT I decided after a couple of months that I would stick it out for a year and so I've been looking for other things pretty much constantly but I knew I needed to do a year in terms of references etc and would have to give a months notice and just thought would be so awkward if I left to early
I applied for a nursing course in may so pretty much from four months in I knew I had an exit plan! Funnily enough it's not as bad now but I'd still be looking for something else if I didn't have the course as I knew from day one it wasn't the role for me and I've felt out of my comfort zone but I have learnt a lot

ShouldersBackChestOutChinUp Tue 16-Nov-21 07:07:39

Yep. I remember starting at this design agency and all the people were horrible. They'd joke about things like getting HIV, the boss seemed to be shagging various members of staff and ordered strippers for the Christmas party and they were all just vile.

I left after 8 weeks. I simply couldn't stand working with them.

Scattyhattie Tue 16-Nov-21 02:39:15

Good for you.

It reminded me of the toxic environment in a job I had as the 3 women including manager that had been there years would bitch constantly about whoever had left the room, so despite best buddies act they clearly all hated each other. They treated us 2 new starters as a hassle so we had barely any training and yet employed as they had a huge backlog so it made no sense not to help us. I stuck it out for about 4 months and hated every minute, the other starter also quit.

From experience the longer you stay and more depressed and downtrodden you become, the less self confidence you have for escaping to that new job. It's really not worth your health

OliverBabish Mon 15-Nov-21 22:48:36

Sorry to read this OP! It’s a horrible feeling when you’re new and not made to feel welcome.

I left one job after a day. I almost cried in the toilets. They wanted their pound of flesh and I just felt utterly panicked. Turns out I was in the veryyyy early stages of pregnancy so I like to think that on some level I knew (it was going to be an intense job)

Borisjohnsonshairbrush Mon 15-Nov-21 22:03:08

It's baffling that in 2021 these behaviours are excepted.

Sadly though bullies get away with it, the management are scared of them a colleagues are scared of them and befriend then and shit shit to stay on their side.

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Hen2018 Mon 15-Nov-21 19:04:21

Yes. I knew within hours and used to cry driving home quite often.

It was badly organised, with poor communication, bullying and I’ve never been so patronised in my life. We were looking after the most vulnerable children but were the people with the least expertise and experience. Plenty of staff members to verbally rip you to shreds at the top of their voices if you accidentally did something wrong (because no one had told you what to do).

We all suddenly had to take a course (badly organised, poor communication and patronising) where I had to fight not to do functional skills qualifications. I’ve got an MA...

What made it worse was everyone saying how lucky I was to have got that job as the hours suited lots of single parents.

Teaching assistant.

Queenie6655 Mon 15-Nov-21 18:23:44

Good for you

Got treated like shit in one job today that I am paid next to nothing. For doing

Why out ourselves through this

Sorry to hear you had such a bad time

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