Nespresso vertuo next - design fault?

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Chocolatecoatedkettlebell Thu 14-Oct-21 12:59:50

Does anyone else have this machine and have an issues with it?
I’m a long time nespresso user and for years had pixies with no issues. I opted to upgrade to the Vertuo about a year ago, I’m in my second machine and it’s starting to show signs of developing the same fault as before. I.e. not making coffee.
My theory (for those familiar with the machine) is that the clear plastic ring that the capsule bar code sits over becomes discoloured by coffee making the code unreadable.
I’m cleaning the inners and factory resetting on a daily basis. Today it resisted all attempts and then dumped half a cup of old cold coffee (from somewhere) on my counter when I looked for the serial number.
I’m cross and undercaffeinated.

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madasamarchhare Thu 14-Oct-21 13:42:03

I’ve had exactly the same issue. Wanted me to do a cleaning cycle every single time I wanted a coffee !! Like you, the previous smaller machines were fine with no issue. I’ve returned it to nespresso for a repair. This was about 6-8 weeks ago and haven’t had it back yet. They’ve given me a loan machine in the mean time so I haven’t bothered to chase it.

CP26 Thu 14-Oct-21 14:42:00

Yes ours broke after 15 months or so, but they replaced it as it was within warranty. We’ve only had the new machine for a few months so will keep an eye on it.

Chocolatecoatedkettlebell Thu 14-Oct-21 18:58:49

Thank you both for replying. It sounds like a similar issue. It makes me cross as I’ve spent so much money on their coffee.

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