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pickupstix Thu 14-Oct-21 11:56:29

Long story short we recently finally got visas for a move that has been in the pipeline with dh job for a while, to the US (New York). This will most likely happen in early feb next year. Dd is 7 in a couple of months, very settled at school where she has been since attending toddler groups, she has a couple of good friends and does some extra curricular activities she likes, basically I think the move will be a tough thing for her to get her head round, but for various reasons it is definitely the best move for our family right now and we are going. I’m currently of the view that I can hold off on telling dd this is happening for a bit longer, she’s quite sensitive and will dwell on it and get upset about leaving friends etc, so I want to limit the amount of time she has to do that before we go. But am I wrong? Would you tell her now? Never done this before so appreciate the help very much!

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pickupstix Tue 19-Oct-21 14:56:41

@Kpo58 yes, not sure why you think we wouldn’t

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ZZTopGuitarSolo Tue 19-Oct-21 15:16:28

Well done - really nice to see MN posters being able to help, and to hear how it went. Good luck with the move!

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