Today I did a kind thing

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StillMedusa Thu 14-Oct-21 00:20:29

And I can't tell anyone in RL .
My neighbours oldish dog had a huge tumour on her had said inoperable so they cancelled their insurance and were just trying to keep her comfortable. Saw a new vet and new vet said it was cancer but operable (but risky). But now they had no insurance and not having any money were looking at selling their car to pay for the op.
So dh and I figured a way to help. Our dog is nervous and only likes a few people, but likes our neighbour...and we will need doggy care when we eventually get to visit our son abroad. So we asked if we could pay them to care for her when we go...but put the money upfront to get their dog operated on asap.
Not cheap.
But she had her op today, the hideous tumour is gone and hopefully she will have a much better quality of life, and they get to keep their beloved dog for longer.
It's not a brag. I love my dog more than anything and know how much they adore her... and maybe she will have a few more years with them because we were lucky enough to be able to help.
It feels right to help because we could, but I can't tell my family as they'd think we are nuts for paying for someone else's pet!

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Feelingpoorlysick Thu 14-Oct-21 00:26:06

Well I think it's a lovely thing to do and if I was your neighbour I would be eternally greatful!

I would give my last penny to someone if they needed it more than me, and people tell me I'm stupid for being so 'soft' but I really don't care.
You did a really kind thing OP!

purpleme12 Thu 14-Oct-21 00:27:16

Wow that's amazing

DogBirthday Thu 14-Oct-21 00:28:00

smile Well done smile

Newhorizon21 Thu 14-Oct-21 00:31:03

This sounds like a good exchange, as you say not cheap, but neighbours helping neighbours. You have the security & comfort of knowing that your dog will be looked after & happy, allowing you to fully enjoy your time away with your son

bellabelly Thu 14-Oct-21 00:34:32

That's a really lovely thing you did. Hope karma repays you in some way!

Unreasonabubble Thu 14-Oct-21 00:39:35

flowers flowers flowers flowers

You are wonderful!


Fridgebotherer Thu 14-Oct-21 00:41:38


That's a really lovely thing you did. Hope karma repays you in some way!

Yeah, their dog will probably bite yours! grin

Nondescriptname Thu 14-Oct-21 00:44:27

It's so good that you were able to help. smile

australia200 Thu 14-Oct-21 00:48:47

Really, really lovely and so kind. Well doneflowers

Helpimfalling Thu 14-Oct-21 00:49:42

Your so lovely.

Bless you and dh

KloppsTeeth Thu 14-Oct-21 00:57:20

flowers What a lovely thing to do. It’s great to hear about kindness when the world seems to be all doom and gloom.

StillMedusa Thu 14-Oct-21 01:05:07

Fridgebotherer luckily my diva of a dog likes theirs!!!

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Vanuatu Thu 14-Oct-21 01:08:06


USA19891 Thu 14-Oct-21 01:18:56

I love animals (dogs are my favourite). What a lovely story 💕 I would always help animals in any situation if I could. I love giving to the dogs home at Christmas as a gift every year, I haven’t managed to find any physical way of helping. I wanted to volunteer but I think they were full last year when I asked, this post has reminded me to go and check again, hopefully they have some spaces for more volunteers now. 🐕 🐶

LadyLolaRuben Thu 14-Oct-21 01:27:29

Well done OP what a great story. Very kind of you and everyone is a winner. I hope this kindness is returned to you someway in the future when at some point you need a lucky break - like we all do at times.

BTW has your neighbour considered approaching the former insurer to update them and see if they will reinstate the policy as the previous vet gave duff info? I know someone who cancelled their pet insurance and their cat needed life saving treatment 2 weeks later. The insurer paid out as a gesture of goodwill for all the years they previously paid in. Its worth a try...

peridito Thu 14-Oct-21 08:24:19

Kind ,thoughtful ,ingenious ! Huge kudos OP.

And I seem to have something in my eye ...

Hdhdjejdj Thu 14-Oct-21 08:26:27


plinkplinkfizzer Thu 14-Oct-21 08:50:44

How wonderful . That has really lifted up my morning , you are so kind I could kiss you .🐶

Dustingiseasy Thu 14-Oct-21 09:00:00

Ah, that’s lovely

TheVolturi Thu 14-Oct-21 09:01:48

The universe will repay you op!

BreathingDeep Thu 14-Oct-21 09:03:07

How gorgeous - I wish there were more people like you

EvilPea Thu 14-Oct-21 09:04:04

You and your dh are lovely lovely people
Good work op. Good work

Wishing neighbours dog a good and happy recovery.

DoctorTwo Thu 14-Oct-21 09:12:08

That was iondeed a kind thing you did OP. You' ve given your neighbours a massive favour and keep their dignity at the same time, kudos to you.

girlmom21 Thu 14-Oct-21 09:14:53

I think I love you!

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