Garage freezer with drawers?

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TeaTears Wed 13-Oct-21 18:51:17

Looking to get a freezer for extra storage for the garage, but don’t want a chest type one that you’ll never see things at the bottom, more one that opens with a door and has drawers like the standard you get inside? Or do they have to be a chest one to work in the cold outside?

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DementedPanda Wed 13-Oct-21 18:52:21

Currys do upright freezers suitable for outbuildings. We got ours from there.

Watto1 Wed 13-Oct-21 18:52:29

I’ve got a standard fridge freezer with drawers in the garage and it works fine!

Bamaluz Wed 13-Oct-21 18:54:09

Beko freezers are the only ones recommended for outbuildings that get really cold in the winter. We have an upright freezer with drawers.

TeaTears Thu 14-Oct-21 09:21:37

@Watto1 thanks, we’re upgrading to a built in one and thought it would be a waste of electricity to run the freestanding fridge freezer we have as we don’t need the fridge part just the freezer.

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Knotaknitter Thu 14-Oct-21 15:10:46

You want one rated for the cold temperatures you get in a garage. Beko do them (that's what's in my garage) and at the time I bought mine they were the only manufacturer that made them. Your search filters are "Beko" and "upright". I've been very pleased with mine, had I known there was a pandemic in my future I'd have had a bigger one.

whatsthestory123 Thu 14-Oct-21 15:19:27


I’ve got a standard fridge freezer with drawers in the garage and it works fine!

this have had a normal freezer in there for years


YouReallyAre Thu 14-Oct-21 17:14:48

I bought a Beko one from John Lewis because as pp have said, they are designed for sheds/outbuildings. They can also withstand high temperatures during the summer.

Watto1 Thu 14-Oct-21 17:29:09

I originally thought I’d only use the freezer bit too but you’d be amazed at how much it comes in handy! Mainly as a beer fridge in the summer when we have people over blush . Also useful to have an overflow fridge at Christmas.

DroopyClematis Thu 14-Oct-21 17:45:31

I have an upright freezer with drawers. It's by Beko which is the only white goods company that guarantees its appliances to work at down to -15 C
I also have a Beko tumble dryer for this same reason.
Both of these live in a detached garage which gets very cold in winter .

TeaTears Thu 14-Oct-21 17:54:34

Thanks @Watto1 I was thinking about the waste of electricity/money if the fridge was being chilled and not used.

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LittleMy77 Thu 14-Oct-21 17:57:28

Older model fridge freezers generally work ok, it’s the newer ones that won’t

We had this - it kept turning itself on and off and ruined an entire upright freezer of food

FrogFairy Thu 14-Oct-21 18:44:24

I have had this one for 18 months and am very happy with it.

Roselilly36 Thu 14-Oct-21 18:51:58

We have a chest freezer in the garage, really important to buy the right freezer that is suitable for outbuildings, otherwise it will break, our freezer will operate at -10.

campion Thu 14-Oct-21 19:38:27

Another vote for Beko. No problems 6 years and counting.

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