Halloween Facebook tat thread

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zurala Mon 11-Oct-21 22:30:43

Is there one already? I found this beauty!

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m1shap3 Mon 11-Oct-21 22:31:45

Delivery available

zurala Thu 14-Oct-21 14:29:05


Delivery available

Are those tampons? shock

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00100001 Thu 14-Oct-21 14:36:48


Delivery available

tampons??? grin

cleckheatonwanderer Thu 14-Oct-21 15:15:28

My horror loving brother would love that statue!

Not sure about the ghost tampons though

m1shap3 Thu 14-Oct-21 21:54:07

Yes tampons grin

Theunamedcat Thu 14-Oct-21 21:55:47

I kind of like the statue its not £50 but its definitely has ghost of Christmas future vibes

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