I wouldn't have recognised Madonna

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MrsFin Fri 08-Oct-21 15:47:43

I've just read an article about a recent appearance by Madonna on an American chat show (Daily Mail, sorry). She's changed so much, I don't think I would have recognised her if the article hadn't said who it was.

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Rosesareyellow Fri 08-Oct-21 15:50:56

She’s looked like this for a while. When was the last time you saw a picture of her?

user1471538283 Fri 08-Oct-21 15:52:51

Oh god she needs to put it away. I'm worn out by everyone constantly wanting attention...

Innovationstandard Fri 08-Oct-21 16:00:40

She's definitely lost the plot

MrsFin Fri 08-Oct-21 16:16:56


She’s looked like this for a while. When was the last time you saw a picture of her?

Not for some time.

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SionnachRua Fri 08-Oct-21 16:21:03

She's been plastic-y looking for a good while now.

amusedtodeath1 Fri 08-Oct-21 16:24:14

This is the woman who publicly slated people who had plastic surgery...she seems increasingly desperate for attention. I'm sure lockdown hasn't helped, what with the lack of opportunity for people to tell her how fabulous she is.....

It's sad because she was fabulous, kick ass took no prisoners, she was my idol as a teen, but now, not so much.


Worldgonecrazy Fri 08-Oct-21 16:26:30

If my arse looks that good at 63 I will be flaunting it too.

It would be great if Madonna could use her voice and media power to help women move away from the ‘stay fuckable to stay relevant’ that is modern society though!

Cookingbynumbers Fri 08-Oct-21 16:27:41

It’s so sad when celebs feel the need to go too far down the surgery rabbit hole.
It must be exhausting having to constantly chase fame and publicity.
If Madonna isn’t out there promoting something, I wonder what else she has that makes her happy tbh.

BorderlineHappy Fri 08-Oct-21 16:29:34

I thought she came across very well.Funny,cheeky and game for a laugh.
I dont understand the stick she gets.Shes Madonna.
When Cyndi turns up with pink hair nothing is said.When Madonna breathes she gets all the hate.
But then she always did.

JackieCollinshasnoauthority Fri 08-Oct-21 16:30:57

Bitch it's Madonna.

Pollywants Fri 08-Oct-21 16:32:04

She must look a mess close up. She can't speak properly for being frozen or something.
I admit if she didn't have so much money I would not be so critical. It's not like she is a vulnerable person or private person.

amusedtodeath1 Fri 08-Oct-21 16:35:56

Actually she is very vulnerable, she hides it behind the persona she's created for the public. She has issues and gets her validation from attention. She's getting older now and is struggling with it IMO.

AmberLynn1536 Fri 08-Oct-21 16:36:50

I loved her as a teenager and up until about ten or so years ago, she was so cool,, saw her at Wembley, fabulous! I really hate seeing her like this, bloated, face puffed up, butt implants and making a fool of herself, I just don’t get why she has gone down this road, she was an icon and would have remained so, but now she is just embarrassing.

Megistotherium Fri 08-Oct-21 16:36:59

I though she looks great, tbh.

thenightsky Fri 08-Oct-21 16:38:49

She's around the same age as me and it cheers me up to see that, given all the time she must spend in the gym, her bingo wings are exactly the same as mine grin

I've always been a bit of a fan of hers.

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Fri 08-Oct-21 16:41:10

Her voice, too, sadly. Eurovision 2019 was a horror show - where they'd got an international A-lister who then went on to perform like the worst pub singer you could imagine - as somebody put it very accurately, 'more keys than a janny's bunch'. It was like Jemini all over again - except they were obscure singers who stayed obscure; but this was Madonna.

There was nothing to indicate that she'd just undergone a traumatic experience, was horrendously ill or something else untoward had befallen her - she was lauded and applauded as this massive megastar we all know, with no mention made at all about her shocking performance (or the random pirate look, for that matter).... but she was just absolutely terrible.

MrsFin Fri 08-Oct-21 16:42:56

I though she looks great, tbh.

I really hate seeing her like this, bloated, face puffed up, butt implants and making a fool of herself

Is that what it is? I thought she'd gained a lot of weight.

I also loved her when she was younger and I'm sorry she's going down the plastic surgery path.

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BorderlineHappy Fri 08-Oct-21 16:45:02

At least for all her faults she tries to do something new.
It would be so easy to fall back in to her old his.And do a fare well tour.

Shes not the same as she was 30 years ago,but then again who is.
But shes done so much for women in music.And by and large she did it herself.

amusedtodeath1 Fri 08-Oct-21 16:45:47

She did a performance at a gay bar in NY a few months ago, it was a bit cringe, tits on show crawling on the bar. I don't know what to think tbh. I've always been a big Madge fan, but lately I kind of feel sorry for her.

amusedtodeath1 Fri 08-Oct-21 16:48:47

You are not wrong boarderline, she has done so much for women, more so for AIDS sufferers and research in the 80s&90s (which is rarely talked about). But the fact that she was such a strong female roll model, makes it even worse that she has reduced herself to another Hollywood cliché.

Poetrypatty Fri 08-Oct-21 16:50:49

I'd be pretty happy if I looked like that at 63! I think she just likes to cause controversy and she did, she wouldn't be getting as much shit if she was a younger woman acting like that imo so I say good for her.

Inextremis Fri 08-Oct-21 16:52:15

She's a little older than me (a matter of months), and I'm now really angry that she has felt the need to appear 'preserved' - it's as though the natural appearance of a woman in her 60s is something to be ashamed of and avoided. I feel devalued by her - and I used to find her empowering. Obviously, I realise that what she chooses to do with her face and body has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I'm still sitting here feeling rather cross about it all.

Farwest Fri 08-Oct-21 16:54:53

As Queen B said, "You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation."

madisonbridges Fri 08-Oct-21 16:55:55

Was Jimmy Fallon drunk?

How sad that at 63 her musical talent can't just speak for itself without having to grind on a desk. I don't know if that's an indictment on her or the music industry. But it's proof that money doesn't buy class. Can't imagine Dame Shirley Bassey behaving like that!

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