Can you do cryptic crosswords? Beginner in need of help.

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Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 00:42:54

Substances left from evaporation are absorbing uranium (7)

Last letter is E.

I sort of want it to be RESIDUE, because that's a substance left from evaporation. If we assume 'absorbing uranium' means put a U in it, then I've put a U in RESIDE - but I have no idea where the RESIDE came from, so maybe RESIDUE is wrong?

Any help?

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TaraR2020 Sun 03-Oct-21 00:55:59

None I'm afraid but following

HailAdrian Sun 03-Oct-21 00:59:38

I would guess that the answer is just another word for 'substances' tbh.

Snugglybuggly Sun 03-Oct-21 01:04:46

Try Danword... think residue is right

storkstalk Sun 03-Oct-21 01:09:09

I think it is residue but it’s like the clue is missing a bit…I’d expect it to be more like ‘Substances left from evaporation, stay is absorbing uranium (7)’

storkstalk Sun 03-Oct-21 01:11:21

Unless ‘are’ can mean reside 🤔

Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 01:17:45

Yeah -
'Live substances left from...etc' would work

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Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 01:18:29

I tried to make 'are' mean reside.
They are in the big building = they reside in the big building? Nahhh.

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NatriumChloride Sun 03-Oct-21 01:26:26

I think the answer is definitely residue, but I’m not sure why, either! You’re right, OP, there should be something else to hint at the word reside needing the letter u added to it. Weird.

storkstalk Sun 03-Oct-21 01:30:13

Where is this crossword from OP? I do the telegraph one most days but when I try the times for example
I struggle as they are written quite differently.

Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 01:36:38

It's the New Scientist cryptic. It's quite a good one, not too difficult. I often have to google the science stuff like chemical symbols etc

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Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 01:43:47

I'll try and get one of the other letters. Welcome to help if you've nothing better to do!

Friend takes back one more unfinished element. (8)

Settle comfortably partway through children's concert. (8)

Record seller Nancy never started disagreement (11) (Last letter Y)

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ApplesinmyPocket Sun 03-Oct-21 01:54:38

Settle comfortably partway through children's concert. (8)

ENSCONCE (partway through childr en's conce rt)

ApplesinmyPocket Sun 03-Oct-21 02:00:45

Record seller Nancy never started disagreement (11) (Last letter Y)

DISC (record) - Nancy never started=ANCY - I want this to be DISCORDANCY (= disagreement) but can't quite make it fit? Anyone?

LetHimHaveIt Sun 03-Oct-21 02:05:04

I think it's more likely to be 'Discrepancy'.

Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 02:06:28

Oh I LOVE it. Well done Apples.

YES of course! Ensconce!

Discordancy - I had it starting with disc too, but hadn't got ancy yet. Discordance is def a word, but discordancy? Not sure. How do we make ord = seller?

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Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 02:07:12

a rep is a seller! Well done LetIm.

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Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 02:08:53

Okay, so ,
Substances left from evaporation are absorbing uranium (7)
is now _ _ S _ D _ E
It has to be RESIDUE.

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Sunbird24 Sun 03-Oct-21 02:10:41

Record seller Nancy never started disagreement (11)
Discrepancy - record seller = disc rep, ancy = Nancy without the first letter

Sunbird24 Sun 03-Oct-21 02:11:30

Ah, i was too slow!

Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 02:14:24

Well done Sunbird - you got it which is more than I managed!

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Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 03:13:54

Okay, I'm back.

Relative almost taking last half hour to relax like 3 Across, maybe (6)
_ _ C _ R _

3 Across is PANGOLIN

So the answer is UNCURL

But, I don't understand the 'last half hour' bit. Can anyone explain it to me?

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Werehamster Sun 03-Oct-21 03:28:34

I guess the last half of the word hour is "ur"

Relative is "uncle"

Flamingoose Sun 03-Oct-21 03:37:23

Ahh okay, I got uncle but not UR. Nearly there! Thank you.

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WhereTheFuck Sun 03-Oct-21 04:04:08

You see, this is why I can't do cryptic crosswords. I can just about get the answers 'backwards', so I understand once you guys explain them, but there is NO WAY on God's green earth that I could work them out myself! How do you do it?! For context, I have a postgraduate degree in the Arts and work with words for a living and I STILL can't do it. Why?! Is there some kind of trick? How do you learn?

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