What’s better…an Oodie or a Kuddly?

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helips Thu 30-Sep-21 17:39:00

Looking to get one for my 12 year old dd but wondering which one is better? Also, I presume I should get adult size rather than child but will it swamp her? She’s about 5 foot 3 but growing quickly! Thanks!

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CatrinVennastin Thu 30-Sep-21 17:43:30

My DD’s got Oodies for Xmas last year. They are pricey but they are so soft.

I got a buy one get one half price deal last year on the oodie website.

helips Thu 30-Sep-21 17:55:21

Oodies do have a discount on at the moment so I’m very tempted!

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TyrannysaurusXXrightshoarder Thu 30-Sep-21 18:04:01

Bought Oodies for the whole family last year - with the discount. They’ve been well worth the money tbh, meant we kept the heating off for longer too! They’re extremely well made, double layer, very soft and wash really well. The only issue last year wa shipping times, though that was covid related, and in any case their customer service was excellent and kept me informed throughout and offered a further discount to make up for the delays.

XenoBitch Thu 30-Sep-21 18:04:53

I have a Kudly. Not had an Oodie so can't compare. I love mine though. So soft and warm (and hiding in it right now).

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 30-Sep-21 18:09:02

I've got one of each and havent noticed a difference although I would love an 'i love plants' oodie.
She will be fine in an adult one. They get tiny women to model them.

GoodnightGrandma Thu 30-Sep-21 18:10:42

Oodie is good quality I think, but can’t compare.
I got two on the buy one get one half price last year. They then send you a code for more off another , if you want more than 2.


Mariell Thu 30-Sep-21 18:46:28

Oh look an advert in the thread!

JenniferWooley Thu 30-Sep-21 21:32:03

We all have oodies - the kids love theirs & DD lives in hers but I rarely wear mine as it's so clumpy trying to do anything in it other than sit on the sofa, I also hate the hood as my hair just doesn't sit right & is annoying I'm aware this sounds weird but it's how it is

For full disclosure I should add that I cannot abide wearing a dressing gown or a coat either so I probably shouldn't have bothered with the oodie but it was cheaper to buy the family pack on offer for £168 last year than to buy individually for the 3 kids.

OddSockReunion Thu 30-Sep-21 21:52:51

I have two oodies and have bought them as presents for friends. Universally loved and well-used!

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