How would you expect the restaurant to rectify this mistake?

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Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:05:13

After much deliberation, decided to place an order with a highly recommended restaurant as a thank you to a close friend for providing some much needed help recently. This person LOVES ribs/American bbq type food, so although it was expensive in my eyes and a total pain, it seemed like an appropriate thank you.

Placed an order for 2 x full racks of ribs (£14 each) + 2 x portions of chicken wings (£7 each) and 4 x sides (total £22) total order £64. I had to collect the order, so got a cab to and from the restaurant. Paid for my order which came to £61.50, I assumed that perhaps because it was a takeaway order each item may have been a tiny bit cheaper hence the difference in total.

Got home, no ribs in the bags! Gutted. Contact restaurant who insisted that I only ordered 2 x half racks of ribs and that they were in the bag 🙄 they offered me a refund for the ribs, but as they were saying I only ordered 2 x half rack of ribs, that would only work out £19 refund. I declined and said I would wait until somebody higher up could contact me and deal with this.

I got in touch with the owner via email and although they asked if I could rearrange the evening and they would provide the order again in its entirety free of charge and deliver it (despite not offering delivery) it just wasn’t an option, my friend was travelling back to their home country the next day. I do very much appreciate the gesture, but I kind of feel like I want an explanation? How did my order total £61.50 if they are saying I didn’t even have 2 x full racks on the order, is a £19 refund acceptable when we were left without the main courses, only a few sides and I’ve had an absolute palava going to collect the order in a taxi costing me £20! At the same time, I don’t know what I expect them to offer.

Am I being unreasonable to be pissed off? It’s really annoying me and I sitting here £80 out of pocket (I appreciate its not their fault I had to get a cab, but it’s not my fault they didn’t provide the correct order!)

What would you think is a reasonable solution?!

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Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:08:45

How are you £80 out of pocket
Didn’t you get some food?
And as for £20 taxi to collect? grin

If you have presented your complaint as you have on this thread, I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner is left scratching his head

Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:13:48

Yes, I did, I got £33 worth of food that I paid £60 for???? What’s so hard to believe about a round trip in a taxi costing £20 😬???

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Zarene Tue 28-Sep-21 10:15:30

I’d take the refund and get over it?

You do sound unreasonably pissed off for something fairly minor

PlanDeRaccordement Tue 28-Sep-21 10:17:18

They offered to give you entire meal for free on another day which I think is quite generous as they really only owe you for the ribs. I think you could ask for the monetary value of the meal in the form of a gift certificate or credit slip, as gift certificates/credits usually last a year before they expire.

YANBU to be upset about the mistake, but these things do happen and it’s why I always check any take-away I pick up against my order. Mix ups are easier to resolve on the spot instead of after you are home.

Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:17:32

So you are not £80 out of pocket

Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:17:35

So I should take a £19 refund for missing items totalling £28 and not be annoyed about that? Wow. Maybe I’m being unreasonable then but I fail to see how!

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Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:20:51

61.50 order
Minus x£14 = £28

£53 worth of food

They have offered £19 refund instead of £28.

So you are actually only £9 out of pocket if you exclude the taxi

If you include

£29 out of pocket

Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:21:23

Ignore £53 worth of food!

You are only £9 out of pocket op

Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:22:04

So now you see that it’s £19 versus £28

So why say “£80” out of pocket?!

StarryStarrySocks Tue 28-Sep-21 10:23:55

I would expect them to apologise and offer a refund, which they have done. It's only the amount of the refund that's in question. Don't you have confirmation of what you actually ordered on an email or something?

StarryStarrySocks Tue 28-Sep-21 10:26:14

Oh, and if I was collecting an order and was charged less than what I'd been expecting to pay (even if only by a few pounds), I'd definitely be checking what was actually in the bag!

Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:28:06

@StarryStarrySocks order was placed over the phone, as is the only way, unfortunately, being able to check the order in the middle of the busy restaurant surrounded by people eating wasn’t really an option either, especially as nothing in the bag was labelled, just plain brown boxes.

@Reallyimeanreally2022 I’m not expecting an £80 gesture, however, I have personally
Spent out £80 for something which I did not receive, the side orders did not make up a meal, I wouldn’t have paid for or gone to the trouble of collecting side orders, I wouldn’t have bothered at all, hence me being £80 lighter and still having to then provide another meal??

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GreyhoundG1rl Tue 28-Sep-21 10:28:32

Your sums are all wrong, op 😬

SheABitSpicyToday Tue 28-Sep-21 10:28:42

Always check the order before you leave!

Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:31:04


Your sums are all wrong, op 😬

So 14 + 14 + 7 + 7 + 22 does not equal £64??? Ok.

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Reallyimeanreally2022 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:32:20

I feel for the owner
Having to deal with all this nonsense

Op you are £9 out of pocket

You’ve been offered £19
When you are owed £28

Over and out!

Mariell Tue 28-Sep-21 10:33:50

If you collected it you had the opportunity to ensure the order was correct.

It all went wrong because you couldn’t be bothered to check your order before leaving.

LIZS Tue 28-Sep-21 10:34:48

Surely you have a receipt or at least the takeaway menu prices to compare.

girlmom21 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:34:58

If they were willing to replace the meal in it's entirety they acknowledge what they provided was incorrect, so I would request a full refund.

However, they're not unreasonable to only initially offer to refund the missing food and you are being ridiculous expecting them to pay for your taxi.

burritofan Tue 28-Sep-21 10:35:52

* I have personally Spent out £80 for something which I did not receive,*
But you have received £X of goods – you got the chicken wings and sides. Yes, the lack of ribs is annoying – but did you eat the chicken? Did you eat the sides?

You should get the £28 refund for the ribs, not £19, and frankly you should bite the hand off the restaurant for offering the whole meal again free including delivery! But you can’t have your ribs and eat them by claiming you’re out of pocket – once you’re refunded, whether by a free meal or a direct cash refund for the ribs, you’re square.

(Chicken wings and 4 sides sounds enough for a meal surely? And I’m not a MN competitive under-eater.)

Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:36:03

I’m starting to wonder if you are the owner @Reallyimeanreally2022 as my thread seems to be the only one you have any interest in 😆 I don’t think it’s nonsense expecting to either receive an order you have paid for, or to be refunded for what you didn’t receive? I also don’t think it’s nonsense to want to know why you’ve been charged X amount if they are saying you “didn’t order” Y and Z??

A basic level of customer service is part and parcel of owning and running a business surely?

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Amandasummers Tue 28-Sep-21 10:36:48

Literally never said anything about expecting them to pay for my taxi 😬

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magicstar1 Tue 28-Sep-21 10:37:28

What exactly did you receive in the bag OP? Your posts are quite confusing

TakeYourFinalPosition Tue 28-Sep-21 10:37:30

I don't think you can fairly include the taxi, because you did get some food, and you chose to order from there.

But they should refund you for the missing items in full - so £28, if that's the cost of two lots of ribs.

I'm not sure you've got much grounds for a goodwill gesture, although one would be nice, because you collected in person and the onus is on you to check that your food/change is correct in that situation. But I can appreciate that not many people do, and it's unfortunate that the offer they have made doesn't suit you as your friend is leaving.

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