Why is this woman moved to sit opposite me on the train

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EvilRingahBitch Sat 25-Sep-21 18:23:51

Am on train with DS who is an adult sized long-legged teen.

DS and I got on at station 1. No double seats available so we took the two aisle seats on a table, sitting next to a young couple who were deliberately sitting opposite each other in order to hog the table (slightly bad form).

On the table on the other side were another couple also deploying strategic use of bags and placement to hog the table.

At station 2 the couple got off leaving DS and I in command of the table. However lots of other people were getting on, so I decided to do the right thing and get DS to come and sit next to me, facing forward.

A newcomer joined us, facing backwards.

Couple on other table also made room for a newcomer, facing backwards - a lone middle aged woman.

At station 3 our newcomer left and so did the couple on the other side, leaving us in command of our table and the lone woman in command of the opposite table.

WHEREUPON SHE MOVED OVER TO OUR TABLE! Leaving other table empty, which it has remained ever since. Sitting in the aisle seat opposite DS so they have to battle it out for legroom.

I don't mind, I'm not aggrieved, I don't think she's a CF. But for the love of God why would you do this? Why would you leave an empty table to share one with us?

It's a quiet well-behaved carriage so she's not seeking safety in numbers from Millwall fans.

She's moved from one rear facing seat to another.

She has not shown any desire whatsoever to chat.

I personally think DS is the most beautiful young man in the world but she could equally well have gazed at him from her original seat.

May I throw it open to the MN hive mind? Why would anyone do such a thing?

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WaterAndRichTea Sat 25-Sep-21 18:26:31

I personally think DS is the most beautiful young man in the world but she could equally well have gazed at him from her original seat.


catmg Sat 25-Sep-21 18:26:48

Um you've said repeatedly about people hogging tables. This woman obviously doesn't want to hog a table all by herself? Surely you should think that's thoughtful of her given you don't like table hoggers?

IveGotASongThatllGetOnYNerves Sat 25-Sep-21 18:27:39

Move to the empty table.

ArblemarchTFruitbat Sat 25-Sep-21 18:28:47

Perhaps the sun was in her eyes at the original table.

MyothercarisaCozyCoupe Sat 25-Sep-21 18:29:01

So the table is free for another group?

Findmeatthebeach Sat 25-Sep-21 18:29:28

I get it OP, how strange! Are you tempted to both moce to the empty table... Go on grin


Bullsh Sat 25-Sep-21 18:29:48


Noeuf Sat 25-Sep-21 18:31:34

I am confused by the poor form shown in sitting opposite each other on a table?! Dd and I do this so we can chat.

gwilt Sat 25-Sep-21 18:31:51

Lone women move their position in public for all sorts of reasons.

BungleandGeorge Sat 25-Sep-21 18:31:55

It’s irritating if you’re a group and every single 4 seat is taken by a single or couple. Perhaps she was leaving the group seat for a group?

BobaTea Sat 25-Sep-21 18:32:35

Maybe the sun was shining onto her and she wanted to sit in the shade?

DameAlyson Sat 25-Sep-21 18:32:39

Perhaps the sun was in her eyes at the original table.

Yes, I change my seat sometimes for that reason.

Vynalbob Sat 25-Sep-21 18:32:41

Sun in eyes
or she.... emitted a foul odour and wanted to escape or at least have more chance to avoid being thought of as the culprit.

Clocktopus Sat 25-Sep-21 18:33:14

Something wrong with her chair? Charger port not working? Doesn't want to hog a whole table?

Also what is wrong with sitting facing each other at a table? DH and I do this, we prefer to chat face to face and I like travel forwards while he prefers travelling backwards so it suits us to sit that way.

Finfintytint Sat 25-Sep-21 18:33:52

I leave the table seat if I’m on my own to allow a group to sit there if need be.
Perhaps she felt safer?

EvilRingahBitch Sat 25-Sep-21 18:36:32


Lone women move their position in public for all sorts of reasons.

It could possibly be that actually. Like I said, it's actually a super quiet and well behaved carriage, but a woman who's had a bad experience in the past might not want to be exposed to the risk of a dodgy group of men moving into your table.

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Whenigrowupiwanttobea Sat 25-Sep-21 18:37:17

Perhaps she just felt safer sitting with someone as opposed to being completely on her own.

Ilikewinter Sat 25-Sep-21 18:37:20

Utter madness, i would have got up and moved to the empty table!

LooksBetterWithAFaceMask Sat 25-Sep-21 18:37:20

I think sitting opposite the person you are with is better form actually because then you are sharing leg space with someone you know rather than playing footsie with a stranger.

She could have moved to be in the shade, nicer things to look at from your side or most likely to not hog a table seat and leave it for another group. Which now it has been empty ever since she is possibly cringing and feeling like she now can’t move back because you’ll be offended you smell or something.

Sirzy Sat 25-Sep-21 18:37:20

It leaves it free for larger groups getting on.

Does the train do reserved seats? Perhaps that one is booked for further down the line

Namechange1million Sat 25-Sep-21 18:37:45

Maybe she felt like she didn't want to hog the whole table on her own

Downthespidersweb Sat 25-Sep-21 18:37:45

What! If you get on as a twosome you sit opposite. .otherwise you will end up facing a stranger. so YABU

SickAndTiredAgain Sat 25-Sep-21 18:40:09

I don’t think it’s bad form to sit opposite to the person you’re travelling with at a table, it’s fine.
I’d rather sit next to a stranger than opposite them.

EvilRingahBitch Sat 25-Sep-21 18:42:11

No reserved seats, not using charger.

From the actions of the couple on the other table it is theoretically possible that they'd spilled something on the seat but in that case you'd move.to the other side of the table.

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