Is this an okay outfit for a wedding?

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Sophie1029734 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:06:34

I'm 22 and have been to 1 wedding but I was a kid. I dont know much about the dos and don'ts for wedding guest outfits.
Is this an alright outfit to wear or is it too colourful? Too short?

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Bitchbadgerplease Fri 24-Sep-21 18:07:16

I love that but I'm notorious for an obscure dress sense smile

tintodeverano2 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:09:00

It's ummm unusual??? Not to my taste really.

lemonyfox Fri 24-Sep-21 18:09:01

I would be absolutely blown away if you order it and it turns up looking like that.

Also no.

LemonSwan Fri 24-Sep-21 18:10:24

I would say the combo of frilly, colourful and short might be a bit too much.

I think you could get away with any one of those characteristics but all together I would say sorry OP I think you can do better.

Russell19 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:11:51

What website is that? It's not a pic of a real dress, it's massively edited or just a graphic.

PermanentTemporary Fri 24-Sep-21 18:11:52

I wouldn't have worn the left hand one to a wedding, no. I think definitely too short.

What's the one on the right? Nice colour.


Crankley Fri 24-Sep-21 18:12:59

Seriously? No.

MrsFin Fri 24-Sep-21 18:13:30

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Janaih Fri 24-Sep-21 18:13:51

You know very well that it isn't.

SunscreenCentral Fri 24-Sep-21 18:14:00


Zeal Fri 24-Sep-21 18:14:36

Is the picture upside down?

Myusernameisnotmyusernameno Fri 24-Sep-21 18:14:38


zurala Fri 24-Sep-21 18:14:47

Blimey! Definitely no.

Bluntness100 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:15:03

It’s perfect. Crack on.

HavfrueDenizKisi Fri 24-Sep-21 18:15:52


It’s perfect. Crack on.


Lindy2 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:17:46

It's a bit too flamboyant in my opinion.

If you can carry off wearing a dress like that go for it but for parties, clubs etc not a wedding.

With such a bold, eye catching choice there's a bit too much risk of potentially upstaging the bride - which isn't the done thing.

Clymene Fri 24-Sep-21 18:17:50

What's the vulva in a cage thing in the right hand photo? I want one!

Knockoneofftheshelftowin Fri 24-Sep-21 18:18:46

Is it a big fat gypsy wedding? If so yes.grin

Sophie1029734 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:19:55

Is this okay? And no I dont know what is acceptable because I have no clue about weddings.. at all. I dont also dont wanna go for something really mature and typical.

Is this a nice outfit?
Is it the lengtht, what's the typical length people wear?

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RandomMess Fri 24-Sep-21 18:20:48

That one is more appropriate

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Fri 24-Sep-21 18:21:09


It’s perfect. Crack on.

That's really not was I was expecting Bluntness to say.
It's not really appropriate OP.

Bluntness100 Fri 24-Sep-21 18:21:10


Zeal Fri 24-Sep-21 18:21:26

That one is too blue.

Mariell Fri 24-Sep-21 18:21:28

That looks like an 8 year olds dream of a dress that she will wear when she’s grown up.

It’s awful, tacky, cheap looking and the perfect thing g to wear if you hate the bride and want to ruin her wedding photos.

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