Just found out what I ordered online on Saturday night

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Chipperfish Mon 20-Sep-21 08:19:12

I had a rare night out with colleagues on Saturday (the first since before COVID), with 2-3 drinks involved. When I got home DH and I had a single drink together and chattered about a few things we needed to sort out. And apparently during this chat I ordered something online, which I had completely forgotten about until this morning when the email confirming the order arrived.

No prizes but much kudos to the person who guesses right/closest!

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piglet81 Mon 20-Sep-21 08:22:33


Ton of firewood

Pair of kittens

ApolloandDaphne Mon 20-Sep-21 08:24:29

An Oodie/slanket type garment?

LegoCaltrops Mon 20-Sep-21 08:28:17

A new dining table, weighing half a tonne, which comes preassembled, & which is too large to fit through any of your doors.

AfterSchoolWorry Mon 20-Sep-21 08:28:20

New kitchen

Haudyourwheesht Mon 20-Sep-21 08:28:50

A case of Sauvignon.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 20-Sep-21 08:29:12

A subscription to the National Geographical magazine.

A set of Franklin Mint collectors plates.

A horse.


RevolvingPivot Mon 20-Sep-21 08:30:08

A Car

userxx Mon 20-Sep-21 08:31:49

I love tipsy shopping, it's like Christmas.

pinkyredrose Mon 20-Sep-21 08:31:54

A shed.

Delphigirl Mon 20-Sep-21 08:32:49

Robot lawnmower

TottieMarchpane Mon 20-Sep-21 08:32:49

An ornament in the shape of an Edwardian lady.

Chipperfish Mon 20-Sep-21 08:33:26

Some of these (optimistically large table, shed) I have ordered in the last few weeks but all of them were considered sober decisions)

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DamnYouAutoCarRental Mon 20-Sep-21 08:33:55

Vacuum cleaner

My drunk shopping is normally very boring and practical

Chipperfish Mon 20-Sep-21 08:34:33

Nothing alive, thank goodness, no kittens horses or strippers expected

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Chipperfish Mon 20-Sep-21 08:35:16

DamnYouAutoCarRental - Not a robot vaccum but yes, something surprisingly practical

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SoupDragon Mon 20-Sep-21 08:35:57

I once had a surprise horse head mask arrive after a night in the pub.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Mon 20-Sep-21 08:36:15

The 6ft tall lamp shaped like Big Ben I saw in The Range on Sunday? Or the Enfield Tower?

Saisong Mon 20-Sep-21 08:36:26

Lube and a fish slice?

ginislife Mon 20-Sep-21 08:36:31

I ordered the highest pair of shoes you've ever seen whilst asleep in the middle of the night once so my guess is a pair of shoes

Luckyelephant1 Mon 20-Sep-21 08:37:02

A mop of some sort

Mamette Mon 20-Sep-21 08:37:04

A friend once ordered a steam mop online while pissed (in her hotel room at a wedding). She had no idea until it was delivered the following week.

Mariell Mon 20-Sep-21 08:37:58

Karcher window cleaner.

LegoCaltrops Mon 20-Sep-21 08:38:52

A clothes steamer?

MyMabel Mon 20-Sep-21 08:38:59

A new potato’s peeler.

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