Just had ambulance out, what do I do now?

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Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:09:25

Hello I had ambulance out two hours ago. Woke up, felt like I was going to faint, massive ringing in ears, pjns and needles, clammy, can't explain how awful I felt.

They came, did ECG, asked if I ate a lot of bananas, I dont, stayed for a long while watching ecg and looking up results on phone. They said basically it was my choice if I wanted them to take me in or try and get some sleep.

I am alone with DS so thought i didnt want to drag him in.

Since then, I still have that weird head feeling, and pins and needles and still feel just awful. I cant sleep.

Should I go back in? I dont want to have to take DS with me. I have no one who could take him. Will they even let him come in with me?

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orangejuicer Sat 18-Sep-21 07:11:29

How old is DS?

Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:11:51


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Hellocatshome Sat 18-Sep-21 07:12:05

How old is DS?

GoodnightGrandma Sat 18-Sep-21 07:12:12

Do you have anxiety ?

Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:13:00

Sorry they did say I should take myself to hospital later today to get checked out if I still felt bad, but what about DS?

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Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:13:18

No anxiety, they did ask me that too

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Hellocatshome Sat 18-Sep-21 07:13:23

I would have thought a sensible 9 year old would be able to go with you. But then there are different rules because of Covid. Why don't you call 111 and explain and ask their advice?

CiderJolly Sat 18-Sep-21 07:15:13

What did they diagnose/advise?

How old is ds?

If you’re deemed unwell enough to need to be in hospital then I don’t see how you can take ds with you- if you have no support at all then it would be social services I imagine.

Sorry for the situation you find yourself in. Hope you feel better soon.

CiderJolly Sat 18-Sep-21 07:15:45

Sorry I’ve seen your update now.

orangejuicer Sat 18-Sep-21 07:16:44

I would call the NHS number (111?) and get advice. If you need to go in only you can decide whether to take DS with you. At this time of day I'd leave DS at home with breakfast but only once you'd found someone to watch him. If you don't have that option then he goes with you.

CiderJolly Sat 18-Sep-21 07:16:50

What was your blood pressure? That ringing in the ears and feeling faint, sweaty etc I used to get with low blood pressure and/or not eating enough.

Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:17:01

They didn't diagnose anything. Just asked me if I wanted to be taken in or if not go and get checked out tomorrow.

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Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:17:43

Blood pressure was fine

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ofwarren Sat 18-Sep-21 07:18:34

Do you have a walk in centre?
I'd go there because you will be able to take your son with you more than likely. You can where I live.

Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:21:40

Walk in centre is just next to hospital

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Morechocmorechoc Sat 18-Sep-21 07:24:43

Of course you can take ds if you need to go and have no help. However if you get admitted and have to have a stay what would your plan be? You should go but take things he can do like ipad, books etc as you may be a while

BigGreen Sat 18-Sep-21 07:27:28

I'm guessing they asked about bananas as they thought the cause might be high potassium? Definitely go and get checked out

SheWoreYellow Sat 18-Sep-21 07:27:49

That does sound like the feeling of ‘just about to faint’. It’s awful.
So it might be that you were just about to faint and that was all. Was there an obvious reason for it, not eaten recently, standing for a while etc? If not I’d probably get that checked out. Start on that line and ask as you speak to people to make appointments if you can bring DS.
If you can think of a reason for it, I would not class it as urgent at all. Totally out of the blue, maybe get seen sooner.

Bagelsandbrie Sat 18-Sep-21 07:30:04

Take Ds with you, he can sit on an iPad / play games if you have something like that? Most likely they’ll do another ecg and blood tests. If all is okay they’ll discharge you, if not and you have no other options they’ll arrange emergency short term foster care. Please don’t be worried about this, it happens a lot in these type of circumstances.

Mycatcontrolsmymovements Sat 18-Sep-21 07:31:48

No reason for it, I have been eating fine and I literally woke up in the middle of the night, thought I felt a bit weird in the head and went downstairs to get water and then bam

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Silvercatowner Sat 18-Sep-21 07:36:37

I would think you are probably brewing some sort of viral thing. The tests that paramedics do are pretty thorough. If they considered you needed to be in hospital then that's what they'd've told you.

Magicstars Sat 18-Sep-21 07:37:11

Sorry you feel crap OP. Sounds like it's worth getting checked out, but wouldn't the paramedics have been more concerned/ interested in taking you in if it was anything serious?
Can you ask a school parent to have DS today? Even if I didn't know the family well i'd be happy to help under the circumstances, as I imagine most would.
Call 111 & ask for an appointment, then book a taxi.
Good luck

Stasiland Sat 18-Sep-21 07:41:33

Eating lots of bananas could theoretically lead to high potassium which could potentially lead to certain changes on your ecg but your potassium would usually need to be fairly high. On the other hand it could be a poor ecg reading, maybe that's why they advised to get it rechecked ?

kimlo Sat 18-Sep-21 07:41:56

go to the walkin or the hospital, take ds if you need to.

Sounds to me like the start of a vertigo attack, but theres lots of things it could be.

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