My lovely mum has died

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tiredvommachine Thu 16-Sep-21 02:39:31

Rip mum, no more pain ❤️

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TaraR2020 Thu 16-Sep-21 02:41:46

I am so very sorry @tiredvommachine flowers flowers flowers

cheeseislife8 Thu 16-Sep-21 02:41:48

So sorry for your loss OP flowers

Mollymalone123 Thu 16-Sep-21 02:42:46

So very sorry 💐

loubieloo4 Thu 16-Sep-21 02:43:53

I'm so sorry 😞 do you have anyone with you?

tiredvommachine Thu 16-Sep-21 02:52:24

Thank you. Yes, DH and I driving home from telling my DDad's she's gone. Will deal with everything later today, just feeling a bit numb as not an expected death but a heart attack which lead to a pulmonary embolism so bless her but it was never going to be a positive outcome.

At least we got to see her, unlike other poor sods in this pandemic flowers

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coodawoodashooda Thu 16-Sep-21 03:13:48

Im so sorry.


Notapheasantplucker Thu 16-Sep-21 03:18:22


CrazylazyJane Thu 16-Sep-21 03:21:25

I'm so sorry for your pain thanks

Bellagio40 Thu 16-Sep-21 03:52:53

I’m so sorry. Very sad news

Bagstolen Thu 16-Sep-21 03:57:25

I’m so sad for you and for your dad. Thinking of you even though I don’t know you and hope your DH is a big support and glad you could be near her but it must be so hard to take in

InnPain Thu 16-Sep-21 04:01:25

Condolences 💐

Rainbow0821 Thu 16-Sep-21 04:05:55

So sorry to hear. Be kind to yourself. Handhold here flowers

Lifeispassingby Thu 16-Sep-21 04:48:05

So so sorry. Take each day, hour, minute as it comes and be kind to yourself. My FIL was in hospital last December unexpectedly and passed away, no one could be with him and DH will never get over that, so I’m glad you got to be with your darling mum. RIP❤️

catinboots21 Thu 16-Sep-21 05:18:21

So sorry OP x I hope her passing was peaceful

SaskiaRembrandt Thu 16-Sep-21 06:01:53

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

Mycatisthebest Thu 16-Sep-21 06:23:25

Sorry for your loss daffodil

SoloISland Thu 16-Sep-21 06:27:10

<,Requiescat in pace>, and may angels fly thee to thy rest and comfort loved ones.

Redsquirrel5 Thu 16-Sep-21 06:34:42

I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I remember how shocked and upset I was when my mum died. I think of her often. Take care of yourself over the next few weeks.

Geamhradh Thu 16-Sep-21 06:41:55

So very sorry.

NoWigNoWit Thu 16-Sep-21 07:19:50

So sorry flowers

sandgrown Thu 16-Sep-21 07:21:27

So sorry for your loss x

LawnFever Thu 16-Sep-21 07:21:57

I’m so sorry to hear your sad news, you’ll be in my thoughts xx

CookPassBabtridge Thu 16-Sep-21 07:26:02

It must be such a shock for you, I'm so sorry you've lost your mum. sad Sending all the good vibes from an internet stranger. X

Quickchangeartiste Thu 16-Sep-21 07:28:12

Very sorry for your loss . 💐

My dear mum died a few years ago, but I still talk to her in my mind, and think of her every day. It has been hard but it’s happy memories now,

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